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T Renee Jun 2017
how do the cheerleaders
end up being
the least cheery people?
T Renee Mar 2017
He is a beautiful disaster
everyone wants to be a part of his mess
tan skin
jet black hair
a grin like measles
contagious but extremely dangerous
he might as well be wearing a red stop sign
and millions of hazard lights
one touch is all it takes
to be under his spell
munipulation at its finest
i did believe at one point
we could become a gorgeous clamity
the i began to realize more and more
he may not be like the rest of us
in the sense that he knows exactly what he wants
You know who you are
T Renee Feb 2017
Maybe some people walk backwards because
they 're too afraid to see what's ahead.
T Renee Feb 2017
We talk in the worst kind of way
saying plenty but never having much to say
sometimes I get tired of being mad
too bad that's all we know how to do
T Renee Feb 2017
Maybe we're all just waiting
for the train to come into the station
for the paint to dry
for a rainfall in the desert
for him to make the first move
for tomorrow
sometimes the train is late
the paint gets smudged
the heat dries up every drop in the sky
he's too scared
and tomorrow never comes
T Renee Feb 2017
she isn't like the rest.
wearing dark colors,
with the brightest of smiles
dreaming of the day when she fully loves herself
taking time to compliment everyone,
except for the girl in the mirror.
i know she wouldn't believe me
if i told her she's the prettiest lady i've ever seen
she may not be noticed by millions,
or as many people as she'd like to be,
but i notice her,

— The End —