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I found a
Piece of a
And it
In my
If it fits
Somewhere outside
the ship of dreams
made up of black midnight blues , floats lifelessly in the morning dew .
my gaze on rose trees
as the buds burst with colours
scissors hesitate.
Warm Vanilla scent
Drifts from Christmas kitchen
Bringing back my youth

Seven and two fives
Parsed and added carefully
Just make seventeen

Rainy winter sky
Dripping down the windowpane
Paints a broken heart

Sleeping daffodils
Cozy in their buried bulbs
Wait for springtime sun
I have a long way to go with Haiku.
if i could just
find the trick
to remembering
that i was right
               all along
for a change
I want to be your playmate
Dancing on the bubbles of our joy.
I want to be your everything
Providing all you need and more.

        I want to be your hiding place
        When storms of life surround you.
        I want to be the face you see
        When you wake up forever.

                 I want to be a steady beam
                 To light the ways we travel.
                 I want to be part of your life
                 As long as God will let me
Written in 2006 and lost in the clutter.
I know that rugs get walked on
Regardless of their cost
Regardless of the time it took the man to weave and wash

I know my will is bending
I’m too tired to make it stop
Earthquake floors from the time I was born
Made me realize my cause is lost

You’re the defense for the offense
White flag you’ve won I’ve not
I’ll go away and build again
And this is where you’re top

I’m just a rug to walk on
A player in a game that won’t stop
I’ve tried my best to defeat it
Now I’d rather just flop
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