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There has to be grief and heartbreak
For humanity to call

Hero’s of the wall

There has to be death and atrocities
For tyranny to fall

Hero’s of the wall

There has to be intervention from
The greatest powers of all

Hero’s of the wall

There has to be love and forgiveness
So that we can conquer all

We are in awe of the
Hero’s who beat the wall
A city you must visit
You can feel the hatred in the street
so many shades off tapping feet
anger boils over feel the heat
sorting the chaff from the wheat

Don’t stare at the faces just a glance
or you’ll be dangling on an executioners lance
a Harikrishna dances his last dance
singing let’s give love one more chance

Authority surveys this squalled place
draws truncheons tasers and mace
life is trampled in the race
as tears run down a child’s face
As the sun light dimes on another year
The moon will rise high bringing new hope and cheer

To mark the end of another ordinary day
Good hope and health to all of you I pray

Let us shout from the highest mountains
In poems and song
Put all the things right that has gone so wrong

When we meet again this time next year
2018 will bring great cheer, great cheer

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
Happy New Year
In the chilled autumn air, we ran to school
Leaving our mam well behind
We were never late, 9.00 am the bell rang
Waved to our mam and blew her a kiss
By the time she got back home…..
We never left that school
We were never late
116 children
28 adults
An anniversary never to forget.
In the chilled autumn air, we ran to school
Leaving our mam well behind
We were never late, 9.00 am the bell rang
Waved to our mam and blew her a kiss
By the time she got back home…..
We never left that school
We were never late
116 children
28 adults
An anniversary never to forget.
A white field of dreams
Blind my thoughts

Yet here I stand
Pallet in hand
Brush dripping paint

Unsullied, pure, unblemished
It stares back at me

All this time it’s beauty has evaded my eyes
How honest, how untouched this white field of dreams

I’ll wait until I have a dream worthy
Alone, eyes tightly closed
My pulse trying to break free of my body

I **** the cold crisp air filling my body
And hold the life giving breath

Realising gently
Three times

Only then am I ready to face the day

Eyes wide open
A determination fills me

I’m back
The druid in their long white cloak
Gathering mistletoe from the wise old Oak

They wonder at nature in the forests of Ynys Mon
Their wisdom is lost the forest all gone

But somewhere deep in the heart of this land
Under a willow they gather and dance hand in hand

The willow is sacred and here’s the reason why
The robin the butter cup the blue Butterfly

Now mystics fall to sleep gathering the fern as a pillow
After dancing and dancing around the sacred twisted willow

When you travel through this Celtic valley of dreams
Remember all is not what it seems
A sparrow sang for breakfast
the robin sang for tea
Death by misadventure
the magpie holds the key

The jackdaw sang for supper
the nightjar at midnight
The major sips his sherry
as the conscripts fight the fight

Then as the sun rises
and the day begins again
The salmon swims the river
and the deer runs the glen

So, the fisherman packs his tackle
and his glasses for the sun
While the hunter wore his stalker
and loads bullets for his gun

Then we ponder at life's menu
as we drink a glass of wine
Whose time will it be tomorrow
it could be yours it could be mine
As I drift into that darkened night
unresponsive, devoid of fight
blinded by pity only death in sight
I hear people fighting for my plight
Then a crack appears of blinding light
the fight returns, could I win, I just might
spinning falling from that dizzy height
to live again I have the right  
surrounded by angels dressed in white
Did you know if you fall asleep
in the quiet of the  wood
A fairy will look over you
but only if you’ve been good

She’ll cover you in fairy dust
and make you disappear
She can sense vibration in the ground
those naughty elves are here

They can smell your sent and feel your breath
they know you are quite near
Be quiet now lay silent
there is nothing here to fear

The elves are gone but they’ll be back
run run run please don't wait
I’ll watch over you till the edge of the wood
and to your garden gate
And I have watched young women growing old
their minds do not dim
nor there hearts falter
still a flicker of light, lights up a smile
and their eyes tell you all they have learnt
is not lost
Like a light house I will guide you
Help you choose the paths to take
Like a teacher I will tutor you
In the decisions that you make
Like a rock I will be steady
To build a foundation that will last
Like a friend I will care for you
From the haunting of your past
Like a preach I will comfort you
When life's sorrow knocks your door
Like a lover I will mourn you
When our friendship is no more
Under the oak tree
At the bottom of the garden
My three year old child sat looking deep into the
Tangle of green fern and moss

Attracted by an image I could not see
From the kitchen window

She claps her hands and smiles
She tilts her head and talks

Points her finger into the green mass
That lights up and dances on the leaves

Her smile glowed as she turned, looked at me
and ran excitedly

I’m old
I didn’t believe!
She is too young to understand

As I sat deep in the safety of my fern home
An infant human attracted my attention
By her infectious smile
She could sense my presents
Her young mine had not been tainted, yet.
She touched me with her finger
And I showed her a glimpse of
Her wonderful life ahead
She smiled brightly and ran
To her Mother

Who is tainted!
And will not believe
She does not understand!

What about you??
The dust dances with the butterflies
In the beams of the mid afternoon sun
Barley sways to the tune of the sultry breeze
My eyes light up between the tall hypnotising stalks
As the grass caresses me tightly in the warm summer sun

I close my eyes and sleep

The moon beam reads my skin as the goose bumps rise up
My eyes slowly awake and my mind grasps the crisp still night air  
Darkness flows over me
Every movement crunches, like a cinema snack
I feel a thousand eyes, but no one is there
As I escape from the silence, heart pounding, adventure over
What is it that attracts us to graveyards
is it the quiet? or the scent of flowers?
No it's the people
the names were real people
the dates were real lifetimes
the messages from children to parents
are heart warming and heart breaking
now the children's names are etched
by the children of the children
and the messages from their children
are as warm and sad as the first
as life goes on
we wounder as we observe
who will write our message
so much love in the messages
carved into stone
gives it a peace
you will only find in
the quiet of
A Graveyard
I move around a bit, the streets are now my home
I watch people talking to the air, as if they're on their phone
Some people look at me, sigh, and then they wonder why
I'd tell them if they stayed long enough and look them in the eye
On the plus side I have no bills pay or buy petrol for the car
The doors of opportunity are still open? or maybe just ajar
The nights, I can tell you stories about the nights while your tucked safe in your bed
When all the lights in this downtown City turn a dodge shade of red
So, I keep my head down until the morning, when the bin men loudly arrive
Count the money spread out on my mat and thank God I'm still alive
You see, I lost everything dear to me, now I'm destitute and alone
That's why I move around a bit, and the street are now my home
The winter wind bite one last time
As my bones shudder
attacked to the core


The daffodil
bows with every blow
Then with its colourful smile
and suborn resistance

Guides me on to spring
and what is to come
Humans that fight
For their earthly right

Children cowering in fright
Never seeing the light

Our darkest night
A ghostly figure lay silent,
waves soothing it gently on the seashore.
Closer I walked footprints becoming lighter
in the soft ebbing sand, I stopped.
Aghast at the sight of this large ocean going
giant laying silently as the sun rose over it
lighting up its silken skin.

As I gently touched it
my mind wondered deep into the seas and oceans
of its world, a swish of the tail
the playfulness of the dive
hunting and being hunted,
playing and loving.
Watching giants of the deep that no person has seen, yet.
Giants vessels floating, with people pointing,
leaving filth as they go, smiling, happy.

As the sun hit my face my eyes opened
and I smiled,
the freedom it had and the life it had
and the right to die when ready?
I looked down and dropped to my knees
pulling the plastic from its mouth,
tears in my eyes
I apologised for the human race
I was ashamed
I was ashamed.
I struggle to lay my emotions out to air
they say a problem shared...
no one will listen
will it be deaf ears or warm heart
You never know till you know
I'm going to give you a chance to help!
hear we go.
                        ,                                    ­     .
                                                     ?                   ,                    
                                             !!:(                                    .....
                   ­              ,                                ,                  
"                                                               ­    "              
                               ? :)  :)                                                      .

And there it is in a nutshell, what do you think?

Thanks, I feel better after that.
The night has drawn in
The day is no longer light

The hope this day might bring
dissipates into the night

I'll not lay my head and bathe it in sorrow
For I'm a true believer, always tomorrow

Then as the morning awakes me to face another day
My faith in my god will light my way
And the visions were lost
I tried to remember
just flashes of my life, past
I remember your face! or do I?
Yes, I remember you
I loved you
I love you
and the visions were lost
I tried to remember
who you were?
You have a lovely smile........
Hey!  Bright star we saw before us
Is now dimmed, we feel your pain
You were the brightest among us
Now flickering slowly s as you wane

Your life is finely balanced
Not much time left for your kind
Gluttony has darkened your path
Decadence has made you blind

You have the chance heal this
Take steps to rectify
Or the future is irreversible
As slowly we watch you die

Who is left among you?
Grasp the nettle, heal your scars
Inspiration is there, eyes open
Look up! Look up to the stars
As the moment passed
one more missile dropped
on the people
A decision not made
sends them to their grave
still the people
As one more missile drops
and the moment passes
I remember the time I was sat on your bed
The warmth of my lap as I cradle your head
The things that I thought, I wish I’d have said

Now I look out my window as I’m sat on my bed
Elbows on knees as I cradle my head
And wonder what you’d have thought about the things I never said
And when I awoke
I felt your presence and smiled
I turned to you as your eyes opened
and will never forget that feeling
of love, longing, happiness
for as long as I live
The moment
is caught
in the
poet’s mind’s eye                                  

into words
with guile
humour and passion

by so few
so many
Just a simple text
with a simple note
we lost him last night
A brother had fallen
while asleep in his bed
The memories began
with a smile
and a tear
A cult hero some say
A captain to show us the way
A tourist at play
A lifetime friend lost today
So, now we wait to say our goodbyes
on a cold December day
we will sing your songs
and toast to your life
but most of all
we will remember you
Mike Bonetto a legend in our life time. At peace.
And the world looked on
remembering tales of death and destruction
from parents and grand parents
Sacrifices made by so many so we would not suffer
"They shall not grow old"

"lease we forget"

One man did

women and children are dying
"Age shall not weary them"
are we just going to watch
"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning"

And the world looked on
As the autumn winds blew I clung on for dear life
but my grasp grew tired and I floated on the wind
I watched my home drift further and further away
when I landed all was silent until I heard footsteps

I was scooped up with the nuts the grass and the mud
and carried off to a place I now call home
kept warm away from the snow and the rain until spring
when more little bodies needed my warmth

They left and I was alone but not for long
a twit twit twoo was welcomed to my home
and soon there was more feet than I could handle
chaos when the worms and bugs tried to escape

As summer ended again I was alone until autumn blew in
more nuts grass mud and leaves gathered at my home
we cwtch down for the winter
with our fury friends
In the words of a poet on a great Paris street
The man shuffled and danced by just moving his feet
Then he uncorked a bottle of Bordeaux red
And walked around with two glasses balanced on his head
The crowd gasped and screamed with bated alarm
As he placed a white napkin over his arm
He then spied two lovers arm in arm at a table
Stretched up for the two glasses while flashing his navel
He poured the red wine with aplomb and such grace
Then watch a broad smile cover each lovers face
His job was done by just moving his feet
So he shuffled and danced down a great Paris street
A beautiful site, gliserin in the black cold white star-lit night
floating deep in the depths of that calm ocean
Natures unstoppable force
I watch closely from the safety of my porthole
on mans newest immovable object, Royal Mail Steamer
Hooot, Hooot sounds the call as we pass
too close
They meet
The screams ring out
Every brush stroke is gentle so carefully caressed
the colours so vibrant and so full of zest
Then concentration draw lines across your stern face
a tortoise not a rabbit will win this creative race
Your eyes light up as you survey your design
and stretch out your limbs to pour more wine
Yes, the  finish is exquisite as sweat drips off your nose
O' I'm so glad I don't have to, paint my toes
Looking back my life was full of fears
Watching weeping angles with no tears

Trapped in a body so full of harm
bridling wild horses in a barn

Now the clouds are clearing I see my future ahead
Loneliness laying on your death bed

I’ll take the path that looks well-trod  
Hand in hand with the son of god
I remember that summer day
so long ago now
the wind dancing with the corn
sun ripening the fruit

You held my hand
with that look and a smile so bright
I smiled
my heart racing  in agreement

We walked and ran
lay on a golden bed of corn
I felt like a goddess in your arms
the silence overwhelmed us

We lay
I’m there with you now
I remember that day
with a smile and a blush
The mood swung
as the door burst its hinges
they stared one hand hidden
he smiled both hands on his hips
the bar tender rested his towel on the bar
slowly reaching
the smoke cleared enough to recognise him
Is this the Pink Elephant the drag Queen screamed
the crowd screamed back with excitement
the bar tender grabbed the key for the changing room
your late, he said
No your impatient said the Queen, with a wink
The whippet stoops low with snow on its snout
He sniffs the air, is Christmas about?

Red robin sits perched singing rousing Christmas carols
Of reindeer's, snowmen and mulled wine in oak barrels

A squirrel stands alert guarding a great Christmas sack
Full of presents for Christmas that he had to pack

And the cat can be found baking a rich Christmas cake
Waiting for Christmas to arrive, when the children awake

Then they all settle down in their warm Christmas house
And sleep until spring like a tired dormouse
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Don't forget to make someone HAPPYYYYYYYYY
Weightlessness is that feeling you get when we're on a high
Mother earth in all its glory with clouds just passing by
God didn't give us wings so we had to learn how to fly
Our own space we crave so dearly to just sit and wonder why

An astronaut will tell you they saw the beauty that lies within
The colours of all the rainbows and how new a life will begin
Be the one who makes the difference desirer comes from deep within
Its a fight we should all be fighting just sit and wonder if we will win
A berry dropped from a bush
rolled in the earth and hid under a leaf
and listened to the searching
of squirrels and birds
for what seem a lifetime

The following year it burst
gripped the earth and held on
peeped out into the forest
and stretched its self up into the sky

The sun fed it with warmth
the earth nurtured it
and a berry blossomed
and dropped to the earth
Lights were flashing around my eyes
Music caressed my ears
My mind was at peace
And we danced and danced and danced

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see
This beautiful person staring back at me
I welcomed them in to our magical array
And we danced and danced and danced

The lights dimmed at the end of the night
As our hands met, our lips alive, our eyes now mesmerized
Then I awoke, blinded, by the mid-morning sun
My heart sunk, was it just a dream
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see

And we danced and danced and danced
Remembering Saturday Nights
Every autumn going into winter
I remember spring going into summer
and long for the smell of the meadows
and the happy songs of the birds
I will hold that memory until
winter has passed
Autumn leaves falling with one shake
Like blowing candles out on a cake
Watching an old man in the garden with a rake
Fanning his leaves for old times’ sake
To ease the pain of your anti depression
Let me walk you through your first park lesson

Accustom your eyes to autumn’s wonderful display
Leaves of orange, yellow and some even grey

The branches alive with birds dancing around
And the collectors of nuts scurrying about on the ground

The jogger the biker and one man on a ski
The people out walking, the cafe, the hot tea

Winter flower's start to blossom in the sun cold day
A coloured relief from the winter of grey

The bridges, the river, the afternoon tide
The secret garden with their doors open wide

The carvings of seals, beetles and one giant frog
Walkers, walking Lurchers, pugs, and a fast whippet dog

So throw away your anti depressants of glom and pain
Get out doors walking, in the sun, cold, and rain

Let the wind blow through you wash your problems away
A walk in the park will always turn, a grey day
Slowly the life blood is
spilt in anger
it drips to the floor
now never able to fulfill
that wish of the perfect relationship

The writer
hands in his head, full of words
stuck in a chaos jam, bumper to bumper
the ending is clear
as the ink pool reflects
a silent white feathered quill
The cold wind swirls and blows
a snow flake falls
On the twitching nose of the white winter hare
as he sits watching

A blanket of white winter snow now
fills his eyes
Where he would run and jump
in the hot summer sun

A tear falls from his sad sad eyes
as he retreats into his winter sleep
As the ripples clear
I see my coin float and flip
I make my wish
In my reflection I see an aged man
Looking back at me
The stranger smiles
And reminds me of so many things
In my life
I smile back and nod goodbye
My penny crashes to the bottom
And my wish is cast

Peace and goodwill to us all
She walks barefoot on the deck
the wind touches her hair
lite up by the moon golden brown
with a streak of yellow
tightly holding the ships rail
she stares at the calm sea
a tear falls from her cheek
crashes into the sea
a storm brews
calmed by a voice calling her name
she looks and smiles
and follows her tear
The cat sat on the wall and watched
the mouse looked right and left and right again
A bird sat on a tree watching the cat watch the mouse
and squawked a warning
the mouse looked up at the tree and saw another cat
sat on a branch stalking the bird
the mouse blinked
then followed a birds feather blowing in the wind
at the wall their eyes met
A dog barked wagging it's tail
The mouse ran under the shed
The bird flew after its feather
The cats looked at each other thinking F*/ *^ng dog
and they all lived happily ever after
That morning came so quickly
I've planned for this I thought
Be confident in yourself
I can do it
The morning turned to afternoon
I smiled as I emerged
How did I do that
I'm so proud of myself

I don't know if I could do that again
I can of course I can
Be confident in yourself
I can do it, I did it
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