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3d · 21
Looking back my life was full of fears
Watching weeping angles with no tears

Trapped in a body so full of harm
bridling wild horses in a barn

Now the clouds are clearing I see my future ahead
Loneliness laying on your death bed

I’ll take the path that looks well-trod  
Hand in hand with the son of god
Oct 7 · 25
Power cut
The electrics gone off the worlds come to an end
The web is no more Emails I can’t send

I’ve pushed all the switches still nothing can I hear
The streets are full of people their lives are a blur

A thought has just occurred I scream and I gasp
I can boil water on the stove and make tea in a flask

But wait!

My washing machines in a spin and the TV’s back on
The kettles start’s boiling to a radio song

The web is now working Emails I can send
Hold the headlines, the worlds not come to an end
What about electric cars?
Oct 5 · 26
Walking the man
There is something relaxing about walking the dog
In the sun, rain, sleet or even the fog
You study your route and come up with a plan
Watch out he’ll tug on his lead, change direction if he can
So, you let him take the lead then you wait for a while
As he looks from behind a lamppost with a relieved sort of smile
He strides off down the pavement and his tail starts to wag
You know what’s coming so you search for the a bag
Relaxed on your walk now he’s done his ablutions
Start to think about your day and coming up with solutions
Then back at the house, towel him head to his feet
But never forget to give him his treat
Good man
Sep 26 · 136
The mind wanders to places that haunts old dreams
My heart is breaking my tears are streams
The love for my country the place I call home
Will stay forever were-ever I roam
It matters not where
your bones lay
or your dust settles

Fond memories of
happy times and
neighbourly deeds

Judge your time and
the value of your life
Sep 14 · 29
New dawn
Not the sun shall I see or the smile on her face
I will wander a while and take death at my pace
Then when the moon sinks and the sun shines once more
I'll welcome my new life with a dance and a roar
Lost a friend, but, he'll be back
Sep 7 · 25
I am grass
I will rise
I will re-grow
I will survive
I will nourish

I am the meadows
I am the fields
I am your children’s playground
I am your yoga mat
I am the oxygen you breath

I am grass
Just one of Mother natures
Sep 4 · 354
Love, letter
You said I was your
the L has
it was
Sep 3 · 34
Dodgy part of town
I saw the scar trail across his face
His eyes pierced my brain as he held out his hand
Fear crept over me my heart started to race
He asked me something I didn’t understand

A pound please, Sir, so I may eat
I steadied myself and brushed fear down
I’ve hit hard times, I’m on the street
You see I’m from the other side of town

I wanted to help but I walked away
I could feel his eyes and heard his spit hit the ground
I dropped him a pound and heard him say
Thank you, Sir, maybe I'll see you around

I paid my penny and made my wish
A large roast dinner on a china dish
I ran straight home in time for tea
You’ll never guess what was waiting for me
Sep 2 · 28
Sad goodbye's
The clouds roll in on a big blue sky
A tear gathers at the corner of my eye
A cold grey headstone and I wonder why
As I read your name, I start to cry
Sep 2 · 31
Desciple, tough job.
If your god followed you for just one day
What words of wisdom would it have to say

Life is not laying in the sun amongst the freshly cut hay
Or gazing on the fields watching the rabbits play

Make your mark on life there are many paths to lay
Gather the lost souls and help them find their way

If your god followed you on the second day
Would you have heeded its words of wisdom
                                        what would it have to say
Aug 27 · 119
I held you hand
I watched
a candle flicker and fade,
burn bright one last time
in its last good buy,
as the ember dies.
Death is a lonely place.
After the light,
dusk falls,
memories fade.
Aug 4 · 35
As seen from space
Weightlessness is that feeling you get when we're on a high
Mother earth in all its glory with clouds just passing by
God didn't give us wings so we had to learn how to fly
Our own space we crave so dearly to just sit and wonder why

An astronaut will tell you they saw the beauty that lies within
The colours of all the rainbows and how new a life will begin
Be the one who makes the difference desirer comes from deep within
Its a fight we should all be fighting just sit and wonder if we will win
Drinking a cup of tea from a flask

Has now become a monumental task

While wearing a face mask

You see help I cannot ask

While helpers hover 2 meters away from my flask
I wondered lonely in a shroud
Until the gates drew open and I heard out aloud
Welcome sinner, are you proud of what you’ve achieved
I felt a sneeze coming so I but my head in my sleeve
Don’t hide your face I know what you’ve done
Debauchery, theft and far too much fun
Forgive me I said please forgive me my sin
That’s more like it, close the gates on the way in
I was greeted by associates, lovers, and a rat of a smell
This cannot be heaven, dam, it must be hell
I’m now old enough to have hand me downs from my son and daughter
Ok it’s pink, should that matter, no, it shouldn’t ought a

I’ll tell my mates I have a new apple eye phone, but I wonder what they’d think
When I take it out of my pocket and they saw its blooming pink

I also got a pair of snazzy trainers, from my youngest son
I’ll have to read the instructions cause I still can’t quickly run

So, I’ve read back what I’m writing and caw blimey what the heck
I can’t get to grips with this eye phone the grammar or spell check.
Jul 10 · 354
I did everything you wanted
I nursed you when you were sick
I bought everything you needed
I took you everywhere you wanted to go
I cried sad, happy tears when you left

I new kids grow up, but I never new how quick!
Jul 8 · 678
"Peace and Love"
Happy Birthday
Jul 6 · 432
Too many tags
Too many tags around a baby's neck
Boy or girl
Black or white
Jewish or Hindu
Sikh the light

Gender friendly is now a word
I'm just a person to be heard
A human person born in a world, still round
Looking for love that can't be found
Look at me, talk to me, take me for what I am
Don't judge me by my surface, if you can
I say no to colour, gender, creed and race
Lets make this world a better place

You nod your heads, you can see it's right
But if we agree, who's left to fight
My mind is wide open ,but to blind to see
Can't make up my mind, my god will guide me
We were put on this earth, a universal speck
Too many tags around a baby's neck
Jul 5 · 27
Unsocial distancing
I saw this girl in a supermarket isle
I'd been interested in her for quite awhile
She'd filled her trolley with all things that I like
Except for the broccoli that can cause a spike
But she loves biscuits, crisps and sweets
Chocolate buttons and other treats
My courage built just in time
We met at the corner, by the wine
Here's my chat up line, now, where do I start
But how can I tell her at 2 meters apart
The devil stared me in the eyes
I stared at it right back, and asked the reason why

It winked and smiled and picked it’s teeth
my soul it want’s the ***** thief

I was tempted by it’s offer, to that I will not lie
so, I looked back at the devil and stared it in the eye

I’ll pass this time, don’t give up, time will tell, you’ll see
the reflection in the mirror smiled, was it really me
Jun 30 · 175
I came down the up and up the down
ended up in the wrong side of town

I kissed a prince he turned into a toad
ended up on the wrong side of the road

I went to church to confess my sin
they slammed the door would not let me in

I found a witch, please, wave your magic wand
she said no your from the wrong side of the pond
Jun 27 · 46
The Tao Crane
I dreamed I was a crane
                      flying high in the sky touching the sun                                 
to penglai and it's jade terraces
wild horses running free
long white mains flying with the wind
over streams and rivers that trail across fertile land
as I soar through the clouds
set to rest in everlasting thought
my dream is over
or just beginning
hope though
Jun 4 · 42
The vow
When I took your name
You gave me vows which didn’t quite hit the mark

I expected for better, much better
And in very good health, like fit and hot
And to be rich, really rich
And cherished every hour of the day

And I bet your going to live until your 100

So, out of respect
I’m off
They left it in lines of freshly cut hay
The workmen, over the playing fields today

Some love the smell as it floats in the air
The dogs nose right through it but there is nothing there

In some in brings tears to the eyes and gentle sneeze
A cough or a croak or a chesty wheeze  

I love the smell of freshly cut grass
Getting closer to normality
May 17 · 66
The great Oak Tree
Bury me under the great Oak tree

So, I can dance with the birds and feed their young

then shelter me in fallen leaves for a
hundred years to come

Bury me under the Rowan tree

So, I can breathe in the mountain air

and watch with great mirth the dance of the
mad March Hare

Bury me under the Holly tree

My winter fruit will nourish all

I will decorate your house and home and
your Gods great worshipping hall

Do not bury me in a graveyard amongst the forgotten dead

Where the poem on my gravestone will be worn
and left unsaid
May 14 · 30
Mum in the garden
The poppies have bloomed, but now their dead
They'll come back next year, Mum said
Their petals have fallen on a rose buds head
The stamen is the male reproductive *****, Mum said
"Yuck"! I'm nearly ready for bed

Rose buds are filling and ready to bloom
Mum said, not ready yet, but will be soon
Why is there thorns on that long green?--Stem
Mum said, so nothing can damage them

I said, Mum, how can there be so much happiness in such a small space
When I grow up I'll be a big poppy, so full of grace
Or a bee on the grid, in a big bee race

Mum looked at me and shrugged, and here's what she said
I do believe darling, it's time for your bed
Good night!
We rode in on white shire horses, maybe a few days late
Buried in surf where we lay, twas a poet’s fate

On a leisurely journey we caught a big squall
Now I’m singing my words in the great poet’s hall

Your pilgrimage is touching, your journey not at an end
I see my sonnets and stanzas have become your best friend

Read to me lovingly on the surf now covered with sand
We’ll walk barefooted, together, cradled, hand in hand

My words on your lips, will at last set me free
Please read them aloud, as I ebb back out to sea

Alla prossima, I’ll be waiting! if I’m just out of reach?
Speak my words as your walking on Via Reggio beach
Four men stood carrying, one man who was dead
And laid him to rest with his friends, in a shed

A nurse sat weeping, her hands on her head
For the living she mourned, no time for the dead

A man ran out of HQ, stumbled, fell over
He smiled, then shouted, the war is over

The nurse stood and waved, and grabbed the man
The four men ran cheering, and heartily sang

There was silence, not a sound from inside the shed
They once had their lives, now they are our dead

The wars, the suffering, we all deeply regret
Their memories are now yours, less you forget
May 7 · 33
Time to think, LD
Have you noticed the sound of the trees
when the wind blows through the leaves?
The road with no cars?
Or so many different birds whistling their song?
And the robin watching you move your garden pots
Waiting for a treat.
Or counting the buds on your poppy plant,
the smell of your flowers, as they call to the bees
and pass on their love.

Or the chair in your garden
waiting for the sun,
next to the table with your favourite book.
And the peace you find
when sat in your chair thinking of your day,
as you marvel at the beauty,
and wonder why it has past you by, until now.
Now here I sit

my epitaph
for others
to read aloud

I was a…
I had a…
I would always…
How would others see me?

I am an honest person
so, I’ll let someone
else write it

Oh, I wish I could be there!
On the other hand
better I’m not
Have you ever wondered what they would say?
May 3 · 48
Calon Lân
I’d not ask a life that’s easy,
Gold and pearls so little mean,
Rather seek a heart that’s joyful,
Heart that’s honest, heart that’s clean.
So many Welsh songs, poems, are not translated for the world to enjoy:(
We’ve all bought a ticket
whether we want to or not
No unclaimed tickets
to add to the ***
Another 700 unlucky
winners today
A newsreader reports
in a blasé way
So, I sit in isolation
I’ve done all I can do
Then dream of tomorrow's draw
will it be me, or you
Apr 30 · 373
Mother Duck (true story)
On an early April morning,
after the floods,
with the sun breaking the clouds.
You see many sights
while walking the dog through the wood,
to a place where a stream
meets a river.
From under the rocks
you hear the distinctive sound
of a mother calling her nine ducklings
not two days old
and just managing to swim
in the rivers calm current
to safety she cries,
to the other bank.

On the last April morning,
the weather breaks
and rain come tumbling down.
Different sights meet the eye
while walking the dog through the wood,
to a place where a stream
meets a river.
From under a rock
you hear the distinctive sound
of a mother calling her ducklings
now four weeks old.
Your heart misses a beat
as excitement floods your senses,
they swim with ease
through the now swollen river
your eyes quickly count, only five,
and sadness bathes over you
still scanning for the missing ducklings,
as they make it to the safety
of the other bank.

You curse life’s cruel rules
and ponder at this story
being played out in
so many different lives.  

Stay safe!
Apr 29 · 62
The fire that was once
burning so bright
is now
only burning embers
Your memory
will only live as long
as the last person
who remembers.

So, if your fire
is still burning bright
And your path
ahead lays straight
Be the person
we’ll all remember
The date is set,
it is your fate
Apr 29 · 47
Sing me love songs
You gave me your reasons and said your goodbye
I held on to my tears, I will not cry

I will mourn your passing, I don’t know why
The pain will subside, I will not cry

But I know if I’m going to bid you goodbye
Release the anger inside, I will have to cry

I’ll play our love song so sad now, I’ll cry
Then my last tears for you, I will surely dry
The watch was drawn the
pendulum swung  
My voice and my voice only came a
sleeping hum
A mist grew over me I was taken
far back
It was a summers day on an
old dirt track
I recalled those times when our
hearts became free
I gave mine to you, you gave yours
to me
Come closer and closer not too
far back
What happened to the promises made on
that old dirt track
We married we loved the finest children
ever seen
But a disaster befell our family, called
Covid 19
Apr 24 · 136
One hour a day
laying in a bed of wild flowers in a clearing in a wood
calms me
a gentle breeze brings the scent of the flowers
cleansing me
the silent sound of the wood
awakens me
and a flap of a bird, the cry of an animal
heightens me
sunlight breaks through the leaves  to
enlighten me
and peace washes
over me
THEN the music from my phone
disturbs me
Turn your phone off when walking in the woods.
Apr 22 · 57
The days that appeared so long
have now drawn in
to their conclusion
No one can live forever!
Apr 21 · 138
A tap on my shoulder
Lights were flashing around my eyes
Music caressed my ears
My mind was at peace
And we danced and danced and danced

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see
This beautiful person staring back at me
I welcomed them in to our magical array
And we danced and danced and danced

The lights dimmed at the end of the night
As our hands met, our lips alive, our eyes now mesmerized
Then I awoke, blinded, by the mid-morning sun
My heart sunk, was it just a dream
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see

And we danced and danced and danced
Remembering Saturday Nights
Apr 15 · 159
Captain Tom
He’s lived and loved, for 99.9 years
Listen to his story, don’t hold back the tears

Daughter’s love, for a now dear old man
“I will help the NHS, as old as I am"

Please remember his name, from this day on
And speak with pride, of our Captain Tom
5 Million and still counting, all for the NHSxxx
Apr 13 · 73
A Friend Indeed
Like a light house I will guide you
Help you choose the paths to take
Like a teacher I will tutor you
In the decisions that you make
Like a rock I will be steady
To build a foundation that will last
Like a friend I will care for you
From the haunting of your past
Like a preach I will comfort you
When life's sorrow knocks your door
Like a lover I will mourn you
When our friendship is no more
Apr 12 · 68
The boulder already rolled, they look inside
Empty deathbed, a resurrection? Nowhere to hide

A blooded shroud, the ultimate price
Destined to be a relic of Christ

We follow his foot prints, until he was within our reach
He challenged us all to go forth and preach

Peace and love throughout the land
Rejoice in the lord, join together, hand in hand
Apr 10 · 128
That Day
The pain has gone, the deed is done
The father embraces his only son

“Please rest now your works complete”
As he washes the blood off his weary feet

When you awake, take your seat, next to me
Watch the little children, they will come unto thee
Apr 9 · 32
I so late Ted
Lockdown will test us this, love of ours
Days turns into weeks and counting the hours

Your thoughts are escaping turning to words from within
Yes, I do know it's Friday my turn to empty the bin

And yes I've washed my hands as soon as I came back
And I heard you singing that song hit the road Jack...…..

So I popped a cork, poured you a nice glass of wine
 The smile on your face says we're doing just fine
Apr 7 · 41
River Talk
Silently the crystal clear river flows.
A cormorant dives, out of view,
as the sound of a woodpecker
from deep within the forest rattles on a tree,
looking for grubs.
The empty beaked cormorant surfaced, floating low in the water,
looked around, and tries again.
An angler sits on the bank and nods in the heat of the noon day sun, his float, floats,
A trout breaks the surface, collects his dinner and dives.
The angler still sits nodding,
the cormorant flies off, empty beaked.
And the woodpecker rattles on another tree.
As silently the crystal clear river flows on.
Apr 5 · 31
Y Lleuad
I trace the scars on her face
with my eyes

A symbol of her violent past
shone out

Shinning brightly guarding
over us

Silhouetted in the dark until
the end of time

On the horizon hope of a
calmer day
Apr 3 · 1.2k
When the petal opens
She held my hand
and dried my sweating brow
"I never asked her"

She comforted me when I was alone
and fed me when I was hungry
"I never asked her"

She washed me when I was unclean
and covered me in warm sheets
"I never asked her"

She blew me a kiss when she left
and said I'll see you tomorrow
"I never thanked her"
Nurses, all in a days work.
Mar 28 · 38
N.H.S - 19
The Nightingale sings as she looks through her busy windows

The white Storks are nursing from bed to bed
While the upright Otter checks clipboard to clipboard
As busy Beavers wipe everything down keeping all safe
Under the gaze of the wise old Owl hooting with pride at her team
The nutty Squirrels dish out their tightly guarded stash
Security Badgers stands firm protecting their brood
While the happy Hare dashes here and there bringing in the sick

And the People wait
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