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Orategile Jan 2021
I am a Supa Woman

One who possesses traits of a Queen

Poise and never flaunts

Calm and never taunts

Special in every kind of way

Soulful each and every day

Aware of her flaws

Always tries to keep her claws

Mindful of her words

Truthful to her world

Her weaknesses are her strengths

That is how she exists

Her beauty is her kindness

Sensuality is her happiness

And love is her aura

I am a Supa Woman





A Warrior






I am a Supa Woman

OP Aphane
Orategile Jan 2021
Words are food to the mind

For the mind to be obese it has to be the gory food it eats

Wonder why it can be heavy sometimes?

Fats are big molecules that has little role to health but a huge one to death

Death of the mind, body and soul

Your mind eats more than your physical body

Because it absorbs every second of the day

And unlike the body, it produces its own type of food depending on what it has been fed

Toxic words are like fatty foods, the difference is they are not tasty

They are like cancer

One moment you think you got rid of them then they come back ten times harder, unaware

Unfortunately no chemotherapy is there to help reduce, but you

Altering your mind is your first remedy

Is it comfortable? No

Is it easy? No

Is it nice? No


The mind has spent most of its time generating what it has been accustomed to its daily feeds

The belief that it's human nature to believe the bad about yourself more than the good has got to be an absurd one in history

You believe more about yourself what your mind eats the most

When you surround yourself with someone who utters nothing but toxicity, you will most definitely believe that

One thing about that, it scars your mind

Your mind will constantly believe nothing but toxicity, and that's the fatty foods

Until it becomes obese and heavy for your heart.

Obesity of the body brings along its other friends

Obesity of the mind has its friends too, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self hate, you can name more are the most known

The moment you are in the state everything about your body shuts down

When you look back, it only started with just one toxic word either from your loved ones or yourself

Messy poem? that's what healing is.

O.P Aphane
Orategile Jul 2020
To my dearest self,
Most of the time I yearn to be you again because growing up is weird
Growing up is having to adjust to each an every event that occurs on this planet
You lose yourself for a moment then fight for your sanity
Well, atleast half of it
You grow up to be a walking contradiction
Because society itself is contradictory
" Be yourself ": they say, " but not like that"
Now you tune into your survival mode just to get through the day
You lose friends, yes even the ones you called "bestfriend forever"
Because "Forever" now has a subtle "hopefully" prior to it
Everything now is shortlived
There's too much violence, malice and deceit
Many lives are taken
Many people are unhappy
Ego is the new 60% and 40 is figuring out what 20 could be.
We feed each other pain like it's a daily bread
While trauma is the new normal
And being cool means hurting the one you love.
We lie so much we end up lying to ourselves, then we go into a battle of trying to know ourselves.
Crazy right?
Growing up you find yourself in an academy, "a real life academy", a Wise one once said.
You learn, you unlearn and you survive then you learn again.
It's a whole neverending vicious circle.
But trust me when I say, you are going to be alright.
Because amidst the chaos, you will find a beautiful and deserving love.
You will lose friends and gain new precious ones.
You will find perfection in your imperfections and make it work.
You will find peace within yourself
You will understand the meaning of being in the moment.
Mostly, you will be happy and find healing.
Just be patient
Because life can be beautiful when you alienate yourself from the norm and just be!

Remember to love yourself always!

your older self
Orategile Jun 2020
To be black is to live with shame
23 years old, Jordan on my feet I'm a ****
When I'm at the corner hanging with my friends I'm cuffed
With no apparent reason, suddenly I broke the law
My skin is what makes me a foe
What I didn't choose to become is what is getting me killed
My blood is as red as theirs
However, until it's splashed out on the floor then it'd be evident enough
My heart pumps as theirs
However, mine has to skip a beat every now and then waiting for the next pull up
My ears are moulded like theirs
However, mine are always agitated by the next " hands up!"
I was made by the same God you pray to every night to protect you from me
Until they realize that
When they see us, they will always see the next "animal" to hunt down

Orategile May 2020
We've mastered the art of mimicry
Too often we act accordingly just to end up being finicky
Because what's being true to yourself to one's unconditional love
Too often we study each other to be like the other
Because you heard that's a better version compared to another
Now all you do is mimic to the expense of trying to please
While the originality of your soul is begging you to cease
The constant transformation of foreign personalities
Of which your body lacks the ability
To withhold what it wasn't built to carry
Now being yourself seems too farfetched to your soul
We've mastered the art of mimicry

O. Aphane
Orategile Apr 2020
It is alive,
It breathes,
It smiles,
And it pains.
It is felt,
It is heard,
It is seen,
And it is eaten.
Through humans, it lives
Through nature, it breathes
Through portraits, it smiles
And through rain, it pains. Nostalgia it's what it brings.
Through your veins, it is felt
With your ears it is heard, in many different ways it fascinates.
And through your eyes, it is seen.
With your brain, it lives
It breathes
It smiles
It pains
It's felt
It hears
And it sees
Therefore, it eats.
Art is your imagination.
#lifeisart #everythingisart #art #appreciateart
Orategile Apr 2020
Many times I wish
Because I strongly believe that the universe would listen
Many times I ask God why
Because I strongly believe that he would somehow give me all the answers
But when I wish ,
I always wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can protect you from all the unseen evil deeds of the world
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can eradicate the pain caused by my humanly words that I don't mean
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can help you in everything your heart desires because I know I would
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can carry it all for you when it's heavy
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can give you everything that would put a smile on your face
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can stop the world for you if you wanted to breathe
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can bring back all the good memories with your loved ones to life just to see you smile
Many times I wish to be a guardian Angel
So that I can ease it all, while you lay down in my arms
But, I cannot be a guardian Angel
So, many times when I wish
I always wish love, happiness and peace upon you, because that's the greatest love closest to a mother's love I could give to you.
I love you

O Aphane
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