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Jaz Mar 2018
I'm really ******* confused and I wish I wasn't and I wish things were okay again but they aren't and now I'm sitting in the middle of a world issues class at 9:21pm and I haven't caught a single word from my teacher's mouth in the past 2 hours and I'm not sure why I'm trying so hard to fall apart and I can't seem to focus and what is he saying and why did I do this to myself
directioneroreos Oct 2016
The World's in catastrophe,
People running, children screaming
There is nothing we can do,
But to live through our ending world
And just hope that it will be okay
gray rain Jul 2016
Issues that don't effect you is like
The news in another country.

We don't need to get involved
To know what's going on

But want to know to stop it
Occurring again

Or to reduce the increasing amount
Of ignorance, globally.
Stephanie Lynn Oct 2014
To walk among the living
cursed to be the dead
I understand the fear inside
because I bathe in dread
and to sleep a peaceful night
with fate dancing on my head
leaves a taste of rotting premonitions
upon my tongue instead

*Beware of your surroundings
wash the evil off your hands
We are no longer safe from Satan
he has kissed the promised land
And when war ceased to erase
the common fault of man
There will be an entire wave of famine
birthed from the smallest grain of sand
Inspired by the war and Ebola crisis. Our world wide issues have become irreversible and now both will run their course.

(C) Maxwell 2014

— The End —