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Akshi Hargoon Feb 27
Kissing you is like consuming a cuppa hot chocolate on a winters day - needing and wanting
Your lips on mine is life's guilty pleasure
Akshi Hargoon Feb 25
I saw a crow, sit upon a tree
It glared right back at me
It gave me a frightening caw
A huge pointy beak and sharp claws
It's blood stained claws gripped the branch
I could feel my throbbing heart
It was such a scary site
Just like a movie scene shot at night
I turned and walked away
Thinking to myself, gosh! What a day
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Do not judge me by my looks
I am a bottomless hole
A desert storm that can consume your every being
Without whom you'd be left forlorn
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
You glistened like gold
When I first saw you
I was elated
T'was as if I had found a pirates treasure

You brought with you high promises
So high that even you were unable to reach it
You pursued me to help you for your own
selfish needs
Yet you failed to observe I was a smoldering piece of coal
Almost burnt-out
Burning yourself to brighten someone else
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Even the damaged and broken
Need to breathe
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
I became the water that quenched his thirst
Unbeknown to me - his lips were poison
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I may be wired differently but definitely not deranged
I am a glow worm emitting a light when I'm at my best
But for that to come into sight I need my antisocial rest
I blend in like a chameleon when I'm in a crowd
But feel a reckless need to leave when the voices get too loud
Makes me feel like an addict in need of narcotics
Though I'm perfectly normal I get looked upon as psychotic
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I am a normal human being - definitely not insane
I connect with people that are non judgemental
Their place in my life is definitely instrumental
If I don't like you - you'd be sure to know
Coz I ain't the type to put on a show
We all have different personalities. We should accept it instead of making judgments about a person
Akshi Hargoon Feb 21
You are the best version of yourself
Perfectly beautiful with your scars
Accept who you are
A priceless treasure
A masterpiece by far
Akshi Hargoon Feb 21
Be not dependent like a scavenger
Instead be a survivor, a worrior that fights for survival
Be strong. Fight for what. Do not depend on anyone
Akshi Hargoon Feb 21
O traveller, O dear wonderer
You have walked this gravelled road barefoot
Pierced by these jaggered stones
Leaving behind your coloured marks like a carefully decorated poem
Your legs wish to give up, your eyes wish to shut
But the voice in your head says don't give up
You need to keep walking - keep walking you say?
How much longer till I can end this journey?
How much longer till I find my way?
This voice pushes on rentlessly without a care to spare
Yet all I want is to break free from this shackles that bound me
How is this even fair?
We all need the strength and courage to go on and pursue what we want
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