Wandering the wild shore among the dunes
The sunset colored the peaks in glowing gold
In the shaded purple folds, gray gnarled driftwood was strewn
In anticipation of the moon I strolled

I love the cold white light of a waxing moon
A heavenly body my path to unfold
To illuminate foot prints where they were strewn
Alone with dunes and beach by me patrolled

From atop the sand dune a moonlit lagoon
The V shaped ripples from water fowl, look, behold
The surface like molten glass behind the loons
Man, cannot dominate that which I behold

Gary Jul 2014

At the age of seventeen
Thought I seen all I can see.

Until that night came.
-everything changed.

Everything changed,
I am never again, who I was,

Everything is different,
My feelings -thoughts in different.

My soul exchanged bodies
That night, everything changed.

Every thing changed, change.
I am never again who I was then,
On that one night,
When it all had changed.
Everything changed.

My body turned cold,
In the silence of sleep.
I felt my age grow,
My eyes opened for a peek.

Out of mind, and body
Was My soul.
Being lifted from bed
As I grew old.

Everything changed that night,
My soul has gone.
Now it lives in a new home
-since that night.

Since that night
It all has changed,
Inner being,
My beliefes,
-Not my name - that night,
That night.

Paralyzed, not from fright
Held down from moving,
A strong force, a might.

Goodbye old soul,
Good luck where you belong.

Hello new life,
Now back to being strong.

I begged for you,
For change, come true.

You listened clearly,
Accepting my exchange
Of souls that night.

Everything changed That night,
I saw the light.

Heaven saw my face,
- Not this place or time
For me,
- tonight,
That night
Everything changed,
That night

This is about a walk in experience I had at the age of 17. Walk ins are a meeting of souls exchanging bodies. Many believe this happens to give a second chance at life and help heal both souls.

— The End —