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Natalie Clark Feb 2015
Like sodium to
Water. Young and reckless with
Our hearts and ourselves.
Natalie Clark Feb 2015
Yes, this word is worse than

Fat means

And I might have
‘Great legs’
And I might be

But that doesn’t mean
The fear is not there.
It is forced upon us
By everyone

Until we are called
And the cuts on my arms
Only make that worse

But we are also called
For only trying to love
What we are.
Natalie Clark Jan 2015
You don't love me now
Because you knew me before
You ****** me over.
Natalie Clark Jan 2015
Someone once asked me,
"Was it a proper affair?"
Yes, of course it was.
Natalie Clark Dec 2014
I want someone to
Roll over and ****. I want
You, here, holding me.
Natalie Clark Dec 2014
Bet you still wish you could
Bang your desk against the wall
To get me to text you.

Bet you're sat there wishing
It were me instead of her
You come home to.

Bet you miss me
A hell of a lot more
Than I miss you.
Natalie Clark Dec 2014
You said you were bad
For me. I disagreed, but
Today is too much.
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