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J Feb 2018
It's true.

Everything in your life
should be about you.
You should be
at the center of
your own universe.

The sun, the moon,
and the stars
should revolve
around you...

...until your world collides
with someone else's.
Gabriel burnS Sep 2017
The negative image of a drop in the sea...
All of my burning, reduced
To a spark in hell;
And if I escaped
I know what awaits,
That the sky would fall;
Heaven bright ablaze,
Every breath exhaled
Now holds the promise of
The cheapest ending yet
But I’m holding on
To seeing out the next sunset
Snizzlefish Feb 2016
For the person who hurt me deeply.
Who is hurting deeply.
I forgive you.
I'm here.
I'll always be here.

The hurt you've caused is buried deep,
I suffer the consequences of your actions, they fester and steep.

Yet I realized something yesterday.
I hurt.
You hurt.

I have lost you, not by choice.
But you are my best friend, I still need to hear your voice.

I'm losing not just the future I saw, but my best friend.
Why would I choose to lose both parts?
I cannot overcome this loss, this death of both love and friendship.

Sometimes you are so quiet, I forget your thoughts are loud,
I forget you are suffering because you hide it so well, I know of this you are incredibly proud.

But even the strong do not always prevail alone.
I'm willing to put my feelings aside for the chance to hold my best friend close.

It will burn me, but one day it will scar.
Friends hurt together.
So hurt with me.

So please, just know I'm here.
You always have a place where you are welcome, where someone cares, where you can feel safe.
And safely feel.
No questions.
Less trust, more history, but never less love.

You are not alone.
I will never let you suffer through this painful part of life on your own.

-Love, untitled
Karan Jul 2015
In the scarce abstinence of self
In the dark mountains of reverence
Unexplored and unfathomed
Shone gold by the first ray of glitter
Our love will bloom
Notes (optional)
S R Mats May 2015
I'll give you fifty shades of Love
In many brilliant hues

The beauty of a love,
Which is honest and true

My love is unfettered
It has no need to be bound

It reaches through the mind
Until the heart is found
Amour de Monet May 2014
your light is beautiful
and mine is glum
in your eyes i find
sensations my estranged blood
has never felt
to touch, to love ...a soul unselfishly
for no other reason than to love

i want to place my frostbit hands
upon your beating chest
and ****** you away
or might I chain your hands
and take you with me

i could pull you into my gale
a hostage of my lonely curiosity
but I'm afraid, so afraid that your light
will fill the empty gaping blackness
and your gentle breaths
will calm my feral winds
you alone will effortlessly transpose
the thunder of my bones and
i will assent that only your nearness
can bring the calm to the eye
of my storm

but what follows when you
tire of breaking my weathers
when your chains rust into reddish ash
and i can no longer keep you, my love
i can’t imagine this place will ever be
as fair as it was with you
and i can only foresee that
which will become of me

for when the day does break
and I find myself alone
when the silence of your absent
lungs deafens my troubled mind
my storm will surge again

and as the black clouds surround
i will bring my withered hands
before me and remove the foolish eyes
that once lost themselves in you
so there are two sunken holes
inside my skull
i will cut through my sternum and
rip my dour heart from my chest
i will undress from my flesh and
pull the nerves you once caressed
and my naked soul will dig a grave
and settle into the dark
i am tired.... and i am a mess... and i am all things love and darkness at the moment. something has left me cold. i should rewrite this one day... when i'm more mind and less exhaustion.

— The End —