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Shreya Dristi Oct 2015
Can't leave him,
I've got to stick to my word.
I accept these mistakes
But isn't it just fate?
a Plan
a Play
By someone who wants it to be this way,

You can't stop loving someone
In just,
One day

God help me now
Save me now
You graciously brought him to me
Now don't pull him away

Direct me
To the right path
The honest path
The balance of my feelings
And what's right
I promise
I will not sway.

I've come this far
There's no turning back now
If only
Love were to be a car
Which could make a u-turn

That is the practical side of my mind
Wishing it were true
But I know
My Heart
My Soul
My very existence
Wouldn't allow me to

Tell me
When it wonderfully appears
It might take long
It might take years

Tell me
Once again
It glitters bright
At the end of this long,dark tunnel
Hope returns
A relief, a Stunning light

Wow, this brings me back to last year. It was a confusing time. I was figuring out my priorities. I'm sure about them now haha. But I wasn't then. I wrote this in that turbulent time. Hope you guys can relate to this. Enjoy ;)
Alyanne Cooper Jul 2014
Today I took a walk down memory lane
With some people from my past.
Your name never came up
But your shadow haunted every
Turn in conversation and we did our best
To ignore it.
In fact we did our best to pretend
That your existence was not real,
But then someone mentioned,
"Hey remember that time we...."
And flashbacks of suppressed visions
Of things I had hoped to never see again
Simply because they're not important
To who I am now
Flooded my stream of consciousness
And I chose to think of you.
To think of that time in that place
Where we did that thing....
And the more I think about it
The fuzzier it becomes.
I can't quite picture
The people, the room, the music,
The embarrassment, the shame, the guilt,
The utter ridiculousness of it all.
And the harder I try to grasp at the edges
Of the fraying memory
To bring it back into something whole,
Something vivid and full,
The darker and slipperier it gets.
And suddenly it dawns on me
Why it was easy to forget in the first place:
It just doesn't matter.
Who you were, who I was,
What you did, what I did,
Just doesn't matter
So what's the point in remembering?
Today I took a walk down memory lane
But decided it was far more enjoyable
To make a u-turn and walk
Away from you again.
Yes I made up the word "slipperier", but isn't that the point of poetic license?

— The End —