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prompty Feb 2016
the ring that ruled
before dawn and day,
o'er summer & an old sun
with its shafts of remebrance;

shall it remain in middle-earth
and the Dark Lord will feed upon all that is green;
shall it become fire from the mountain
and fair lairs will tremble with the wind of age.

but what is to be must be;
all we have left is what we always had:
the power of a single day that is given to us -
one road to fulfill, to live, and to love.
islam Sep 2015
The affairs of humans I find amusing
and I keep a dragon entwined about
my thumb to do my bidding
let the blood fall like rain and
burn the bodies as kindling
let their glare and the fogs of war
abolish the very sun.
listen for the sound of hunger in the silence
of my approach
cower in the shade of shades
let the fiery blaze of your hopes be eclipsed
at the sight of the sightless void that is me
for only then will I halt
only then will I lift my blood-wet mouth
and then shall I howell the futility-
of my nothingness.
for then I will see where I stand
in the necropolis Golgatha
and alone shall I perish.
amids carnage and oblivion
For I shunn the vulgarity of the maimed earth
I may not have company of myself for the
ocean no longer bears reflection
As for Fire, its blaze drives me beneath
And the wind?! it speaks unintelligible babble
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
Yavanna Kementari
The giver of fruits
The mother of trees
The mother of roots

Creator of Laurelin
and Telperions light
The light of the trees
Put an end to the night

She created the moon
She created the sun
With a flower, a fruit
And with light it was done

She is our lady, tall and green
She is our mother
Our beautiful queen
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
A place with elves
dwarves, hobbits and men
A place with tales
We hear again and again

A place with adventure
That will never die
A place to laugh
And a place to cry

A place with songs
Of ancient days
Sung by elves
Merry and gay

A place where you hear
The hobbits laughter
Where they live
Happily ever after

Where mountains are filled
With silver and gold
Where the dwarves mine
Mighty and bold

A place with men
In cities of stone
And their great king
Sits on a beautiful throne

A place with lore
To others unknown
A place that I love
A place that's my own

There I live
And there will I die
In middle earth
My heart will lie
Jai Karkhanis Feb 2015
The flames of Avalone run deep
in the wells of our hearts,
Yet Avalone is lost to man
black are its sundered parts
of old what grew,so fair
shining,yonder to the west
wherefore has it passed,and why,
does not the light,glimmering,silver gold,
appear to the mortal eye
The two trees that stood,seemingly eternal
are now watered but by shadow
And light,oh cruel light it is now
that burns and does not gently flow
like it did,among the towers of Avalone
The light has passed into flame
blue and white,searing above all else
souls who sought once its blessing
a treacherous guide,
ever leading to the vaults of the deep
where dark and evil light,
remain ever stoking their devilry
spewing it out,into the halls of the night
where yet there is to be found
some of the beauty that was afore
for the stars,they came from Arda
and to her they are bound
They rest among shadow,but glitter
like they did,above the skies of Avalone
Beauty, what of the fallen beauty?
unfathomable among losses, unnumbered are the tears
for even the tongues,of those who did dwell,
there in its glory,have mingled, and remain,
over the  see,where the trees fell
and are heard not among men,to whom but
a whisper came,and darkness,and memory
passed on by age,of the vanquished,of the slain
and of those forgotten among the flames of Avalone
Inspired by Tolkien's Universe
Shun the elixir, the demon water, the Irishman's albatross!
Liver cirrhosis and overdoses, we wander until we are lost
The Prodigal's son, returned in the flesh, but his mind had been left behind
He was withered and scarred and the wounds that he bare could not even be healed by time

— The End —