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Colm Jun 2018
The sky above him layered in
Like waves upon the shoal
And all the mountains knew his name
And he their waving roll

The earth beneath his treading feet
Turned stones like mortal coils
And all the footprints knew his path
And depth above the soil

His shoulders stood above the trees
A crown of stars his ears
And all the shadows couldn't bear to see
Nor stand beneath him in fear

Beyond no borderlings he'd step
Unless his heart was called
And with him birds would often sing
And perch on him their wall

As the waterlilies craved his touch
So to mortality, he was bound
And then off the earth one day he walked
Never again to be found

But still the memories of mid-earth
Hold fast in root and stem
For once a guardian walked this way
As a tree with a beard of men
Like it if you like. And love it if you know to who I am referring.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
and isn't strange

that i'm sitting in my car

in a parking garage

thinking of you and missing

your stupid plumb apple face

or maybe it's carved from soap

or shaved glass

fragmented by pieces

collected in bindles

followed by bundles

of the joy i used to have

of the sleep i used to get

of the energy i used to take

and isn't it strange how

i have no desire to have you

all to myself for you are

an automous being that

breathes and thinks and acts

wholy different than me

but i can't help but miss you

and your kiwi colored eyes

with the seeds cut out

dipped in a ring of gold

and like smegal i yearn to

hold that precious ring of gold

in my shriveled hands

even though i know

it'll corrupt me

but i'm drawn to mordor

all the same

that's what it's like

missing you

wanting to go there

even when I shouldn't

and isn't it strange

that my world is shifting

complicit and complicated

a deficit of the senses

a pull from the void

a shake of the head

with such filigree i am sated

but blinded by such yearning

to touch your hot skin

feel it rest

against mine

again but

maybe i'm too addicted to sparks

— The End —