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So near
So far;
Tears from the heart,
Glancing from afar;
Forever, I think, wasn't true
This love story is clearly over for two.
Aug. 25, 2017
Why should I apologize for being a monster;
Did anyone ever apologize for turning me into one?
You turned me into one.
He wants to say I love you
But keeps it to good night
Because love will mean falling
And she's afraid of heights.
Some things are better left unsaid.
It's 11:59 and you're on my mind;
But that's the norm, no matter what the time.
You're the only thing on my mind, basically.
Yes, tell me. What is worse:
The devil you don't know or the devil you do?
I feel like I'm on hard times in finding myself.
Tell me, can you still break a heart once it stops beating?
Food for thought.
Giving someone everything even if you get nothing in return.
Funny how it feels like love is so unfair.
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