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Kawsu Sanneh Mar 27
If Manifestations were not enough for our daily devastations
For what an endless evil eye shall we look unto?
Shall we woefully explore in the jungles of scared destinations
In Oder to deep our feets into richdom, as we look up to.

Why all those indecent quest against the innocent ******
Had the panther not eager to pull the trigger
What a fearable havoc could you raise?
In spite of self insinuations against heinous crime.

Let's retain reliable personnel
That could be needed to counsel,
The rampant rampage revolving restlessly on the ground
That had tamper Hamper against honest souls

Where were those insightful intelligentsias of the era?
Had their thoughts not ought to hove
Us unanimously in that fretted Shove (?)
Which have been anchored in our ancestral shrine?

Let our deeds never be odious as a toad,
Hence we were being mewed to be eliminated
But the invincible creatures were future to lead
And born to bear the threatening of the thunderstorm.

— The End —