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Andy Felix Jul 2018
I don't play by the rules and she played me for a fool
If she knew I was broke then i'd bet
That she wouldn't even let me light her cigarette
She thought I was her lucky strike
She was staking out a claim when pay was right
She meant the world to me
A world on fire, she was gasoline
With a busted lip this jailbird flys
Some say i'm no good.. But they lie
Nobody ever wants to hear my side
She wanted me for my money
But i'm poor
Taken for a ride
Emma Hill Oct 2015
before there was Disgust there was
for the pathetic way you pant over me
at the feel of your thin lips trying to make love to my body
the animal noises that rang through the house cut through the same playlist played time and time again
old shaking hands grasping at my delicate skin

in a past life i could have adored
maybe even loved
the way you lay worship at my feet
your eyes surrounded by a network of deep lines
trained on me while quietly i ignored you
i could have stood proudly on the pedestal you break your back to uphold

in this reality however i feel
Pity, i feel Disgust
all your money all the wine
shy in comparison to how easily i could
break you ruin you shatter your foolish dreams

— The End —