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Sirad Jul 30
I imagine you at my age
Younger, stronger and ambitious
You literally cracked your spine
Once healed, cracked again by soil foreign  
That bore you no fruit
But fruit were born from the womb
Of the love of your life

I imagine you had it all
But poverty was placed between your eyes
Tried to go back home
Catch the dream you once had
Build a home your children could inherit
But all they wanted, was to snuggle in your strength
Listen to a strong heartbeat
Reading them nursery rhymes

Tears begin to flood my vision
When I realise, your life
Is mirror to my own
I inherited recycled dreams and hope
From a land that bore me no fruit
When all I wanted, was to inherit extra time with you
Snuggle in your strength
And listen to lullabies
Sirad Jul 26
Where are you from?
My answer is
Does it matter?
This question requires a five part answer

Where are you from?
When you say from?
Do you mean -
The road travel by me or my mom?

Where are you from?
If I say Somalia?
Will you leave it there?
Or ask me if I belong to the north, east or the south?  

Where you from, your accent is unfamiliar?
I know, language is imperative
when you're lost.

Where are you from?
The answer is nowhere
I am stranger to places
no matter where I call home.
Lady Ravenhill Apr 2017
Dry earth, without warning
Stony soil holds only dust and death
Empty plates and hungry bellies
Hot Sun burns yet brings no light
The cold Moon shines bright
As it cries with the baby in the dark
Stars falling above, he fell down in the field
Fainted and famished, still lying there
Unknown to the world
Another day in Somalia
With no rain and no aid in sight.
©LadyofRavehill 4/6/17
For NPM: The famine and drought in Somalia is largely unreported. Deaths from starvation are a tragedy that in 2017 humanity should be able to prevent or at the very least help those suffering before children die of hunger. Prayers and blessings of rain to Somalia.

— The End —