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KuyaMak Jan 2018
Sleeptight my love..
I know you're tired and sick.
I feel sorry I'm not there to relieve you.
I know you're strong
and you can handle yourself like you always do.
But baby you are like a princess to me.
And I am a knight
willing to risk his life
just for you to be alright.
But right now I can do nothing.
and that makes me feel sad.

It feels bad that I'm too far when you need a hug.
It feels bad when
you need food and company
but I can't provide
I feel really sad that I can't be by your side

Oh.. how I wish
I can be a knight
whose strong enough to fight
whose strong enough to be by your side
whose strong enough to hold you tight.

How I wish I can be that strong not to be this coward knight.
Sean Banks Apr 2013
I want to feel you one last time
Suddenly I’m at the airport in line
Off to a smaller town while you sleep big in my bed
Your toes overhang the edge
The covers are covered in juices
That I said – would clean and I did
And cobes is dead
My head races off to familiar faces
As I try to get home because tasteless
Individuals of different races
Invite me into their homes but not their lives
And I strive for meaning on and island
My eyes land
On an early arrival
Greeted by a great wait where I go out in style
And mourn the death
Of the heaven I left
In a bed while I was still worth while
fallacies  May 2018
fallacies May 2018
and tonight i pray

that you're

sleeping softly

to the sound

of your own voice;

but not me

Santiago  Jun 2015
Santiago Jun 2015
I'm happy someone out there
In ther universe loves me deeply
Thinks of me as much as I do
I'm content although circumstances
Build fences separating us apart
But it's okay you carry my heart
And I carry yours with me, deep in me
Thank you, goodnight sleeptight
When the time is right mami
Mamasita preciosa hermosa
Como la mas bella rosa eres mi esposa
De espiritu y verdad y mi felicidad

— The End —