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Maira Apr 2018
She's a blooming flower
In night mime, she's wild
The sunshine as her sign,
Of day she's gone.

Her light is bleaming
Like a star she shines
In twilight she blinks
In moonlight she hides

When darkness became her;
She's the night, a cat without fur
She naked and free
Yet the others won't like her further

She's as fat as the wind
In summer she blows
Like dark mush on an arabian sunrise
She's warm and she glows

She's flawful and detached
Like a bird, chirping at day
It hurt your ears but satisfy your soul
She's the sun's night owl.
You are you. You are unique.
lupush May 2014
Your name has meaning not to me
for I want the bat and not some trick
you use to hide your nightly guise,
the one I’ve come to

There’s many reasons you and I
have chased the cats and not the mice:
the rats have trouble keeping up,
the cats will scratch you but with

I don’t seek the face behind the mask
for I want layers upon layers—
upon dusk
to hide a face that might prove
you’re just a man and I’m a
After some heavy DCnU reading, and my eternal fascination for the Joker, I’ve come to have much Batman-related inspiration. This time in particular, about Joker’s adoration with Batman and the fact he never cared about his real identity because, for him, Batman isn't a man with a mask but darkness itself. I strongly believe that Joker's head can't handle the fact Batman could be anyone but... well, Batman.

— The End —