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fray narte Jul 2020
calypso withers away in a lonely island —
a blunder away from crumbling
at the sight of seaspray and empty towns.

sweet one, this isle is too small
for heartbreaks too big and soon enough,
gods and grecian men
and sad, sad, dead-eyed boys
will be greeted by a mayhem of sobs,
like flies dispersing off a dead body
held together by skin —
dead —
skin, stretched across these bones,
like the sea stretches across all of its sadness —
and ogygia, a lost isle,
disappears —
a speck of black in a shade of teal;

a pity your heart is not big enough for these sorrows
and not small enough to vanish.

and perhaps, betrayals do not come from
temporary lovers but from your skin
stretching, growing,
making room for years of blunders
until  y o u  are
n o
m o r e
but a name baptized in the wrong side of the war
and caught in a blunder
thousands of years too late.

it's been a long while;
the sun remembers your smile in his death bed, sweet one.
Tia Daubas Mar 2015
through the dim
      abyss of the ocean's blue water
      to become a daughter
                  of the violent and quiet sea.

through cold knives
      as your body submits to the waves,
      you must let yourself cave
                  to the water's hypnotic sway.

for green jade
      scales to cover your ivory legs.
      no longer will your wade
                  in the shoreline's shallow waters.

with the chance
      of happiness running through your mind
      and you will learn, in time,
                  in order to swim you must drown.
I wrote this for a creative writing project when I was 15 lol

— The End —