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Daye May 2018
I tried to be Insta-famous
Insecurities celebrated
Half naked, for the attention
High on pillies, money, vacation
With every notification
Filling the void behind my left breast
I worked for it
With body goals like this

Rock solid abs
Icon: fire and 100%
A whole snack
A girl that don't crack

Strip on that pic
Like Cardi B on that pole
Dancing around men
With the only goal of getting rich

Hurt them
Slight curl at the corner of my pillow lips
Ruin them
Feed the feed with self-admiration

It was the meds
or was it?

Inner ego
Remain incognito
Only every other photo
Only then you can show
How you could work that camera phone
After taking/tripping on Zoloft and other Anti-Psychotic drugs I was prescribed after my divorce, my ego blew threw the roof. I thought I was the hottest ******* the block -- this is not in my normal personality and it's insane that RX meds can make you into a person who you are not... or are you... lol
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Benefit overcomes side effect
A little piece of heaven with
A little piece of hell
Red one with lunch
Heart shaped, just took once
White one, 12hours apart, AM-PM
Cute one, if needed in sleepless nights
Helps all senses ravishes in delight

Once missed a pill, allowed me to judge clearly
Something isn't right
Now, I realize how it made me feel
Sweat sediment like a dawn dew
Pill behold an unparallel beauty
Treat it like a piece of timeless art
Struggle trying to be the same, with a
Wish of a different past

Celebrate "No Pills Day"
A better life I wish to pursue
Feeling wild and free.
Genre: Clinical abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Beck Heat Apr 2014
Don't talk yet,
my medication
hasn't kicked in.

— The End —