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Anonymous Oct 2019
Side glances, worried eyes
Your so cute
Words of disguise
Are you ok?
Please wipe your eyes
Flippant speech
Don't wan't to impeach
Solemn stares
And hidden cares
Wait and Support
Don't want to be fought
Tactful words
That may not get through
Muttered through rosé
Long overdue
Please provide me with constructive criticism if you can , I've just started to get back into poetry :)
JCabanilla Dec 2018
LOL is different from Lol,
LOL is League Of Legends and Lol is Laugh out loud.
ROS is different from Ros,
ROS is Rules Of Survival and Ros is my Rules of Saving (You).

ML is different from Ml,
ML is Mobile Legend and Ml is My love for you.
But Online Games are not so different from Me,
Online Games are the things you play and Me is a piece you also played.
Mandi Drake Jul 2016
Rosé makes me romantic
I guess
Because it's pink
And it makes me tipsy
Like love should
I guess...
And it reminds me of
The wilting pink roses
On my coffee table
Cute love
I guess...
It becomes less than cute
I bought those flowers
For myself
Oh, by the way.

— The End —