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Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
Breathing by breath
Each time around
Moving inward
So does the sounds
Of the voices
Taking a stand
From within my head
Saying: rise from Your bed
Grow instead
I wrote this in dedication to saying no to the demons inside.
Temporal Fugue Aug 2017
The clouds always part
the muck gives way, to grass
the cold grey dawn departs
and the sadness, soon will pass

Bring with you, your best defense
and gird your ***** and your breast
no matter how hard it is, or impossibly, immense
in your mind and spirit know, a soul now, at it's best

I'll not fear for you my dear, but I understand the pain
all the fears, and all the trepidations, far and near
taming all the terrors
and removing
all the chains
I'd like to say it's always just in your head, but, I'd be wrong :)
Lora Lee Oct 2016
On the other side
of perfect
between the golden
silky lines
is the mirrored world
we live in
where ties
don't always
            fully bind
they unravel
at the seams
get frayed
so rough and broken
as the blood and sweat
and screams
replace the words
of love unspoken
and we all have
a place for fake
for presentation,
a kind of lie
but the truth
snaps us awake
as we choose to live
or perhaps to die
Yes, some of us
might disintegrate
in the wake of
destruction's wrath
not seeing for the
that pain causes
on the path
for we forget
             that light
inside us
in our darkest
stings of wounds
we forget how
           high voltage wavelengths
reside within
the numbness
that consumes
and once reflection
melts the glass
and throws self-hate
into the fire
this is the hour
of miracles
of faintest stains
that take us higher
our deepest inner
that roll discreetly
through our veins
rumbling humbly
between heartbeats
that push the
bloodflow pumping,
igniting sparks
inside our brains
and whilst my heart
is battle-shattered
it quickens up in pace
as I electrify myself
and to the heavens
                turn my face
let the wild sunset
bathe my soul in
shades of shocking blue
for after every
combat encounter
I rise again
Hante "The Storm"
Kim Aug 2015
So many people love to think in extremes
You’re up or you’re down, no in-betweens
Winners and losers, one eye on the score
Beggars and choosers, the rich and the poor

Joining a conversation means picking a side
The right or the wrong, chance's jury will decide
This world's a kaleidoscope of different perspectives
Born of nature, nurture and various electives
Our DNA makes each one unique
And all of the above add to the mystique

Culture, climate, race, politics
Social background, language, etiquette
These circumstances are just a humble few
Of the scores that create each one’s point of view
And yet everywhere we see a common ailment
The inability to appreciate that we are truly different

We say the words and claim to accept the reality
But so many are crippled by that ill-conceived philosophy
The idea of the average, what most of us must be
The numbers dictate it: 6/2 equals 3!

I read an article today by a champion of this ideology
Touting a different definition of 'there’s no I in We'

I have never understood what drives some to be infatuated
With the idea of a ceiling, trapping the 'average' beneath it
I can’t help but feel this is too convenient a theory
A justification for fish struggling to climb trees
Indeed the ‘average’ fish might fail in this endeavour,
But what's to stop him from venturing into other waters?
My point isn’t that everyone can do everything
But I can’t subscribe to this defeatist thinking

Yes, everyone has limitations, which is important to accept
But we all have something to offer, it’s about the mindset
In the final reckoning, the value of each contribution
Will always account for our unique constitutions.
IsReaL E Summers Jun 2015
Blood boils my we' brain
I can barely contain!
How much words,
They can change!
This cold-steel©
Here feel!
(Head rolls)
From the dead trolls
In my head
Who had taken control
Just for a second
We roll
never forget
With words
you can help submit
Your-self and your own spirit
Which can
So "Go"
But whatever you choose to do...
Don't let your heart grow cold!
faith in fellow man. Despite present circumstance.
Because I can.

— The End —