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Josie Oct 2016
The sound of divorce is resounding
It makes my ears bleed
The fact that you would do this to me is astounding
And still my ears bleed
The sound of divorce is intolerable
It makes me feel sick
You've made me extremely vulnerable
And the sickness grows.
This is for a class project.
Josie Oct 2016
I'll steal your essence if I please
You're the only thing I really need
I promise you, I wouldn't tease
I yearn for your neck to bleed
I have this terrible disease
Every night I go out to feed
I'm sorry, I don't mean to displease
If you'll excuse me I need to proceed
It won't be long after you begin to wheeze
Josie Sep 2016
I am the girl that hides behind smiles
I'm as bloodthirsty as a sarcophile
             I'll laugh and giggle at your jokes
                I honestly want you to choke
                       I hate the way you look at me
                                  I'm not asking for your empathy
                                    I can't wait for this to end
                                                    Find me a rope and I'll suspend
Josie Sep 2016
My cheeky smile is secretly vile
I'd **** you in an instant
The hate I create you cannot sedate  
I'm honestly quite twisted

— The End —