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rebecca Apr 30
i am the chariot
running towards
the sun on my back,
spiting iscariot
pushing forward
through the black
girasol Sep 2019
means allowing yourself to give up
means breaking your own heart to save whats left
means forgiving
means gifting yourself a chance to heal
emily Sarker Apr 2019
Every book,
is filled with beautiful chapters.
filled with adventures, strength, and love.
but it also has bad ones
filled with hurt, uncertainty, and loss.
but the bad chapters doesn't mean an ending is coming.
it is purely just a ****** in the story,
and you must push through to reach the happy ending.
always remember most stories end with happy endings and in life, the book of life that we create we have more control over it, how the ending of your book will be is up to you:)

— The End —