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Noelis Dec 2018
your hands on my hips so firm
while we aggressively kiss
hungry for each other
you bite my lower lip
oh master, you look so celestial
your black, leather belt
on my soft, pale neck
please, tighten it up
take me to that high
drive me crazy
whip me up and call me out
punish your ***** little  s l u t
for being such a  b r a t.
Noelis Jan 21
sins slip through your lips
your voice, like a spell
it parted my lips
oh, so persuasive
got me gripping my sheets
wishing you were here
feeling your hand tightening around my neck
as you work your way up inside of me
so forbidden
that it makes it even more desirable
i crave you
***** talks
filthy thoughts
i can feel you
you got me edging
driving me crazy
i know you want to be here
but Daddy can only hear.
Noelis Oct 2018
take my clothes off
throw me on your bed
let your mouth have a taste.
i promise,
it’s gonna be sweet
but don’t let my sweetness
make you think that’s how i want to be treated.
choke me.
pull my hair.
spank me.
bite me.
mark me.
oh ****!
tease me while i’m tied to your bed
**** my pain away
make me beg for you
make me feel like i need you.
and don’t think i’m a fool
i know you’re gonna enjoy this too.
and who knows?
perhaps you’re the one who’s gonna end up
needing me.
Noelis Sep 2018
he tortures me in the most caring way
his cold touch burns my flesh
his lips are so close to my ear, whispering
but i can’t whisper back
because Daddy told me not to
and he’s—oh God his touch feels so **** good
i want to scream his name but all i can do is bite my lips
i feel his smile on my ear
at this point my body is shaking
i’m desperate for his lips
and just when i’m about to finish
he stops and says
“bad girls don’t always get things their way”
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Obey, and you will be happy.
Disobey, and you will be in despair.
Pestilences sticking with you till you die,
Everywhere you go, the wrath of God, upon you.
Blight seared on your land, accompanied with a pinch of mildew.
Just a little of curses here and there,
in a bowl of sadness and despair.
A soup of punishments served to you.
heyoo guys, how are you guys doing? So I am currently studying Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and it's about the curses of disobedience to God.  Deuteronomy is actually one of the many books in the Bible. So yeee have a good day!
Stanley Wilkin Aug 2017
Connecting with the Umma
In space and time,
Prostrate in prayer
Contained and comforted
By the mosque’s sanguine light,
The ordered lines of acolytes
In reverential rows.
All herein was ordered and controlled,
Gender’s appropriately separated,
The air devoid of ****** musk,
All done correctly to dusty text.

Outside, oh outside, is chaos
The kaffir engaged in godless behaviour
Flesh exhibited in defiance of god’s
Thousand clearly expressed rules
Remorselessly recorded within
The rippling shadows of sand.
That unknown form sitting in judgement
In a heavenly court, unseen and oblique,
But remarkably like the courts of men.

Tainted thoughts of the unbeliever-
Intimate touches in the moonlight,
Caresses in the sunlight
Laughing, singing, and drinking,
Unaccustomed to strict religious
Contemplation, the rightful punishments
That occasion neglect.
The serpentine gaiety unravelling his solemn mind.  
He held his throbbing
Head as he released himself from prayer;
Walking outside the women’s exposed flesh
Gave him murderous ideas.

— The End —