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Matthew Randell May 2015
You are

water to me

fun and bold and caring

You are

sky's cloud to me

fast and strange and trying

You are

sunrise to me

bliss and sass and smiley

You are

the Hello Kitty biscuits to me

the apples, pears, and grapes to me

the potato smiles / the pancake smell

remembering remembering

Take this to school today, you said.
Inspired by Praise Song for My Mother by Grace Nichols.
Forgotten Dreams Jul 2014
You are
dreams to me
magical and mystical but fleeting

You are
hope to me
strong and powerful but diminishing

You are
forever to me
continuous and intriguing but pointless

You are
laughter to me
my only thoughts to me
the saviour from my darkest days to me
                                                           twisting changing
Calm down and trust it, they say
This is a really old one I was just wondering if anyone could guess what it's about no one I've asked so far has been able to get it but I don't think it's that hard

— The End —