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Wesley Dotson Mar 2015
But terrified to open up
That's why you scream so loud
Who put it there?
I did
You killed yourself the second
You thought your idea
Was stupid.
Tune To Despair Jan 2015
Changing every detail
Like covering up tracks on pure snow
Ruining the scenery more
Except I deserve it

You're not the only one I let go of
You're not the only posion I let in my life
You're not the only one I didn't care for
Because you barged into my own life

You were really nice
Until you met me
You tried so hard and so far
But why?

So I've been trying to clean my life
But it's hard when trash keeps barging in
But at least this time
The trash got out by it's self

You going away isn't hurting my feelings

— The End —