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Those demons see and laugh
This smoke is more white but does not make you cough
Holding your brain, squeezing it, removing all the dirt
You will see those pretty pretty girls, you don't need to flirt
This sleep that comes with a gentle blow
In dreams you see falcons glow
Mirrors shine light in room
The mind is about to meet its doom
Welcome the light in the head
Or you will end up dead
Pain in eyes makes you fall asleep
You travel those dark oceans, so deep
Drops of blood from the eyes
Can it colour camelias in thousand dyes
Though solitude is my bliss
But not anymore, I am about to kiss
The posion on her lips
Why worry about death
I know she has been high on crystalmeth
Sleep taking me away forever tonight.
Everlasting dreams, magnificent sight.
Stíofáinín Feb 19
Lured into limbo
I am wasting away
My very own emaciation begins today
Purest strangulation,
And I can't breath it in
It only ever ends where you begin
Climbing to the top of the tower just to jump into a free fall
Never neglecting to answer any of the calls
Untill you begin

Come back home

The sky is always empty, my glass is never full
I drink all this posion without you but it never seems to dull,
A constant pain
laced with *******
Creeping right underneath my skin
Ending only where you begin
Come home
Come home
We're skin to skin
All of this ends where we begin
Undenying truth,
You are not blind
You see the futures
We share half a mind
A rotting tongue
Flashes through green lips
That serpents fork
It flickers, spits, hisses
You are not enough.

Words are posion
Washing your skin then
Plunging deep, fast
Penetrating bleeding flesh

I scream
I am enough
With fires blazing white hot
It staggers, slithers
Left unarmed.
Amanda  Apr 15
Amanda Apr 15
Another dark day I half-heartedly chase
I run and run but I’m stuck in place
I am starting to wonder if it’s all a waste
I am just a body taking up space
What is my purpose? What am am I doing here?
Would the world be bettered if I disappeared?
Time is racing but I do not care
I am squandering every single breath of air
I ask myself the same pressing question
“Why’s it so hard to change?” Again and again
I guess I am lacking the strength I need
To rise, and despite adversity, succeed
Countless times I have tried to switch my ways
I somehow always find myself back in the maze
Forever getting the best of me
Too late when I finally see
And at that point I am within it so deep
The harvest planted in haste I now have to reap
Although it is a bountiful crop
The yield is spoiled with posion and rot
Stalks grow taller, trapping me inside,
Sprouted from seeds of all I failed to hide
Foliage so thick I cannot see the sun
Blocking not only light, but everything and everyone,
Almost ready to give up and say I am done
Call it quits even though my life has barely begun
Yet on I continue, although reason there is none,
I doubt I’ll ever reach the exit, but still, I run...
I am mucho proud of this one guys!!! Thanks for reading!

— The End —