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Jose H Sep 2017
What is your dream?
Literally, the dream you have
The one you wake up from
Hoping you could relive every day
I have dreamt of that beautiful morning
The morning where the sun shines through the blinds
The morning where birds sing
But most importantly,
It is the morning I wake up next to you
The morning I brush up against your flower scented hair
The morning your body is all the warmth I need
The morning I wake up to you're beautiful smile
I couldn't imagine a more beautiful morning than this.
Poppy Aug 2015
Who could've known
the same little girl
who pranced along the sidewalk
not a care in this world,
would wither away
in Nylon magazines
frail fingers skimming
from page through p a g e
of beautiful
bodies she'd never have
but maybe, just maybe
she could
only if she starves herself.
so hey guys!
Its been a while...
Okay, more than a while.
A LONG time.
Sorry about that...
Thanks for not all abandoning me in the meantime, you guys are the best. :)

— The End —