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onlylovepoetry Dec 2019
An Optimist’s Guide to Falling in Love With a Woman

have a very minor fender ******, you’ll never get a persons digits any easier, consider it a bonus first date, a stress test interview, when humans on their worst/best behavior, their true nature revealed and tough exteriors melt when gallantly take full responsibility, details to be discussed over dinner

risks: she’ll  will never ever let you drive her, even after, no...never ever after, the issue is closed, ‘twas your fault and is non-discussable

critique her order standing behind her at McDonald’s. blowback assured! charm resistance and openness will be tested, but you claim pure concern for her well being, even after offering to pay  a dollar for every calorie ingested if she only switches to a plant-based burger

risks: hamburger grease soul staining, no love stain stick remover handy and everybody knows mixed marriages really never work tween bronco busting cowgirls and city tree huggers

you take a spill, nose in the phone crossing street, she lifts you up with wonder woman strength and gentility, you sputter with half-feigned indignation for you’ve embarrassedly first sight-fallen in love, all your words and everything else is failing and flailing as she tends to the cut, drives you to her office where she stitches you up, while cracking jokes that are truly funny

risks: she is a Dallas Cowboy fan, or worse, someone else got there first, and you need life long therapy

she’s in seat 10C, Miami to NYC, pretending very poorly to not be reading this very story-poem you’re creating, but doing so VERY poorly because she is editing, making suggestions, punching you in the arm excitedly, asking if you want to share a cab home, for she reveals that she too, secretly dips the quill in ink and needs an expert opinion, yours for sure since you’re SO good looking too!

risks: the weather diverts the plane to Baltimore where you live together happily after-ever, cause you’re both tired of life in cities with 3-13 perennial losing NFL teams and it is exquisitely equidistant from your annoying relatives
and ex’s

Baltimore Washington International Airport
4:29 pm Dec. 2nd
that you can surely shuffle your miserable untested
vocabulary into never been heard before combo’s,

your insights have never transversed in my blood stream,
a poem unheard, yours, a transfusion of not-my-blood type

you are special in life, in love, in pain, in sad madness,
only you can feel primarily and primitive, all of us, tertiary

does the optimist mock you?

most certainly not.

poems are allusions, born each time, first time, summary illustrations
of eyes, mouth, all your sensations together, make a messy birth canal

your first is our first as well, make the risk-taken a celebration,
newness is a gift unique, bond us to your children issue nouvelle

with insolence of the blind beggar, a teasing teaspoon of outrageous
good fortune, a fist hammering breakthroughs of pain and glory

my words have been tasted by thousands of thousands,
a fleeting glory that is instantly lost to the crumbling
dissatisfaction that all that your needs, your findings, solutions,
the breaking of the chains of your boundaries, drawn by imposition,
the fragility of the lines that contour your image, make you nothing, are nothing more than just another poet which is the most,

most glorious honor one can proudly bestow upon oneself
No. 5
All is fine when life is hard,
When my head is bald
Yet my wallet read like bank
My accounts balance at 0.00
No creditors, no debtors
It's fine anyway,
My unhealthy state proofs me wrong
My vision is blurred,
My mission is blocked...
With all the signs necessary,
I pleadge for a breakthrough
Though my voice is fainting,
My urge is astounding,
The driving force within my chest,
Can burst open my future,
Wild as it may sound,
Truth shall always stand,
My life, short as it maybe,
Hard it may look,
Sad as of now,
My future shall define my fate!
I should break all the walls,
No hindrance shall never stand.
Huddles will paint my life,
Steps they will be,
My success has just began.
That is why,
Optimistic i am to say,
All is fine behind all odds.
Optimists have along journey.
All* of us have one thing in common
We all have dreams  and  desires
It's what makes us humanity
Different from other organisms; unique

Dreamers are optimists
Clinging onto their vibrant visions
Through turmoil  and  hardship
Through chaos  and  pain
Their souls are held tightly with their dreams

Our aspirations help us get through the present
Whilst Making glamorous plans for the future;
Some plan to revolutionise the world
Whilst others dream of singular success

No dream is too big or small
It all depends on the eye of the beholder
Yet one thing is no doubt crystal clear
*Any dream you work for will come true
Dream big every one of you and you'll do wonders

— The End —