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maya cahill Jan 2020
my wrists are bleeding and cut
im screaming and begging for help
can't you see all the things im doing to me
i just want to cut and cut and bleed
i dont feel the pain
i just see the red thats seeping through my sleeve
im tired of feeling this way all the time
knowing i’ll never get better
i just miss when i used to feel at my prime
now all i know is emptiness and a never ending lifetime
and feeling like it’ll never get better
i want help, i really do
but i know it won’t stop me from feeling blue
all the happiness that i ever knew
feeling like i’ll never see it through
Welcome to my lil alcatraz
I know it looks real whereas,
these bars aren't real
just like these chains of steel

Im so tired of this fight
I just can't seem to find light
sitting in this corner of mine
sitting in this corner of mind
There must be a way
other then wait for my decay

I just hoped you would see,
believe me I not crazy !
Why can't you see how it's heavy ?
please, please just don't leave me.
Arcassin B Nov 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Recollecting so many bad memories in search of
Anything that I was Missing from situation to situation
Crying to the Lord and blaming him for everyone and everything
Restraining me from the truth that I could have had inner peace
The whole entire time when all I had to do was look,
Guess I didn't see all of the chances that I could have took,
In all my past events I'll gladly say that I didn't go astray,
Any one of these memories could have been my end like i
Was Never gonna see the light of day......

Casting out the demons,
Picking up new pounds,
Setting my mind free,
And always stand my ground,
I was never weak,
But life tries to break the strong,
But everyday I live,
I pray my father takes me home.
Melanie Cordova Oct 2015
Memories like rain in my mind
Drip, drip , drip
Over and over
Do you remember when your mom left? Well, of course! It's just another rain drop falling down my cheek you created
Everytime you ask me a question about my past
Your just creating a rain drop and maybe one day with all those "raindrops" I can keep them in a jar
LeaveThisLife Oct 2014
As the blood rolls down my arm
I remind myself that Im the only one who can hurt me
As the blood rolls down my arm
The thoughts inside my head subside
I think about the blood, the warmth, the redness
I run my finger over the blood and smear it
My entire wrist is blood red
I love it
But the thoughts come back
The pain comes back
And I pull the razor back out
And I let the blood roll

— The End —