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Melanie Cordova Dec 2016
What have I become?
What will I feel when I load this gun
Ready to die because of free will
Not wanting to live
So I swallow this pill
Of reality
Make the decision
Now or never
Bye bye world
Guess I knew better
Than living with this hollow feeling
So give me the gun
I'm done with living
Melanie Cordova Oct 2016
As I look out my window and wonder why everything is a lie,
Why everything has to die, all I want to do is cry!
life is a crazy ride, by if you can survive, it will only eat you alive
What do u  think?
Melanie Cordova Jun 2016
As if its a game
Each move
Each breathe
Can mean
Nothing or everything
As if its a game
I can never win
  Apr 2016 Melanie Cordova
You are so full of life
With a fire within your soul
And desire in your eyes
You are meant to live
A hundred lives
And tell a thousand tales
So do not leave so soon, my love
The dream of you dying apparently is the worst.
  Apr 2016 Melanie Cordova
Imperfect lines carved into skin
etched in deep by sharpened pin
tiny road maps to insanity
little. tiny. tracks. of inhumanity

Gouged into a perfect slate
filled with blood and sealed with hate
a rutted path to macabre damnation
no salvation in the ruination

A meandering road in total eclipse
from empty eyes to barbed wired lips
to the broken heart so badly stitched
stretching all the way to apocalypse

Fragmented memories line the paths
edged by tears of broken glass
echoing in silence of words unsaid
these are roads even the dead fear to tread
  Apr 2016 Melanie Cordova
trapped between reality and nightmare
between truth and lies
a constant war in my mind
I cannot fight it with my dusty hands

trying to save myself seems useless
I am but a hollow soul
a darkness in those around me
a crying of despair
a lost cause
no need to be
no need to breath
my legacy is just a wall
with no entering doors
I feel
I dream
I hope sometimes
but i know
I matter not.

in this world
there's only place for light
darkness shall be left
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