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mirrie Aug 2018
my love for him is incomprehensible, even using words, lyrics and actions alike yet i will continue to meticulously scribble every thought that passes into a section of my mind belonging solely to him in the fashion of a rhapsodist as that is the only way i can validate my affection.
Baylee Kaye Jun 2018
I want to know what your hair looks like in the morning, see it’s natural state of being.
see it for what it usually is, minus the blondes and blues I want to see what’s truly you.
rustled from the bed sheets, twisted in a million different directions, lose strands framing your face.

I’m curious to what your hair is like in the morning.
what it looks like in its comfort, un-staged and not dolled up to perfection.
I want to see how it falls freely, it’s assigned color shining proudly after being dipped in dyes,
curled and straightened and braided and parted.

I want to see it done by the night, styled by the pillows and the position in which you slept.
I want to see how rest and peace paint you in all your morning glory.
I wonder how certain membs’ hair looks -completely natural- in the morning time.
Shem Feb 2017
I always reached for the stars thinking that it was you.
In my life full of chaos, you were the one who gave me a colorful hue.
I watched you as you swayed your body
Throughout this catchy rhythm and loud melody.
Your smiles that worth thousands of butterflies
Our fate is impossible to catch in our eyes.

I prayed every night to hug you and kiss you before I sleep
For in your sparkling eyes made me easily leap
It doesn’t matter how long I’d wait
Rumors around started to burn into hate
You are the star twinkling at the darkest skies
Your every movements are watched in every eyes

How I wish I was beside you
Holding, hugging and comforting you
Optimistic words that encourage you to do better
My heart is really shot like a jagger
Then I realized I’m out of your league
The endeavors will never be with us even if I beg
Hi!! I made this poem specifically for my NCT bias, Jung Jaehyun! Posting this poem as my gratitude for him and a birthday gift? LOL! Whatever, hope you give some thoughts about this poem. Criticisms are highly appreciated. Lovelots, Shem.

— The End —