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Merlie T Jun 8
I dance with the tree outside my window
We face each other,
our branches reach out in an arc to meet
The breeze keeps tempo
We sway
The leaves shimmer and shine,
sending their good graces to the music.
A warm voice holds us
both    encased in a moment of decadent peace
Skyler Ruen Jul 2020
i’m no outcast in these woods,
where the people who belong
are shunned,
permitted no entrance to what
is sacred
and preserved only to those
who understand what it
feels like to be
dismembered at the waist
susanna demelas May 2020
First, Mother Nature met Diana.

Mother nature, autonomous woman
Place the elixir of life onto my tongue,
Three drops, put your mouth above mine
Let your saliva drip in
Touching the roof of my mouth.

I’ll now tilt my head back,
Choking as it runs down my throat,
A beautiful agony, as always
Into my body,
Down to my stomach,
The tonic of life,
Our life.
Now we shall create.

Second of all, with fountains of love, they created a child. They went on to call her Rosina.

let your bees come in,
pollinating, creating life
but only under my terms,
only when i choose
to let them feast upon me

let a small peach form
on the branches of my womb
but let her core be poisonous
hydrogen cyanide,
to keep thieves at bay

if my body is a garden,
let it be ripe,
ever growing, ever flowering
a stretch of soft grass,
for us to lay our heads

mother, mother, daughter
the heavens will sing.
In nature
trees grow
as wide as the
roots will

At a point,
science must
surpass nature
or risk becoming
a 'nature' -unto itself.

— The End —