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Victoria Myron Sep 2018
Gold, gold, gold-we are enchanted
cold cold cold - ... almost immovable

shiksa sings songs, sings songs softly,
how the willow rustled and the petrel screamed


Золотом, золотом, золотом объяты неудержимым
холодом холодом холодом- видишь почти недвижимы

шикса поёт песни- тихо поёт песни
как шелестела ива и клекотал буревестник

Victoria Myron Jul 2018
One more pair sweet hands of mother,
One more pair of eyes to love,
One more pair of eyes to find them,
One more soul to be above.

Cradle, saddle, war and hollow,
Pond of darkness, silent bay.
Give me, Life, a friend to follow.
Give me, Life, a voice to say.

Victoria Myron Jun 2018
Where can we find a haven?
Because I'm on the road
Let dusk to dim the heaven.
My feet don't feel the load.

Hides fates between the rocks
Your Island of the lea
My Seaborn poet, once
You will come back to me.


— The End —