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Äŧül Nov 2016
She should be sexier than my dreams,
Even more so should she be supportive,
Not selfish at all she should ideally be.

She should be kinder than even me,
Even more so should she be cooperative,
Unimaginably beautiful she would be.

She better be the inspiration I need,
Even for my poetry apart from my life,
Converting my blues to brighter hues.

She should have in beautiful pairs,
Even both of her eyes along with hands,
Untamable be her spirit in the night.

She should have her arms slender,
Even her waist should be such a ******,
Above or under it will never matter.

She should learn awesome cooking,
Even singing will my mother be teaching,
Only that she has to be willing to learn.

She will have my company all the time,
Even dessert will be present in the bedroom,
Only I will love the two of her softies,
And she can grab my golf *****,
As my pole goes in and out of her hole.
HP Poem #1232
©Atul Kaushal
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2016
We cannot
Because we seldom share
The token tongue,
But still,
We conquer –
We transmit
Smiles and fingers
Pointing towards
And what’s, “next,”
Egg cakes, soy and tea
For the son she’d never
Expected –
He who’d lose a tooth,
He who’d hold her daughter,
He who'd love

— The End —