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Ilonka Mar 2019
I want to milk the sky,
and fill this empty bucket called soul
with more of light,

I want to milk the sky,
pour more happiness in your eyes
and when I dive into them
to come back blind,  
never see reality as it is
just see the light,

I want to milk the sky,
and tell the moon not to ever cover the sun,
their ending love should be the sacrifice
for us selfish beings,
a last sacrifice
to stop the darkest dark
and get the never ending light.
My first poem on Hello Poetry.
Hope you like it:)
Brenna Janes Mar 2019
The moon is a loyal companion
Sitting up listening to me cry
Comforting me until I fall asleep.
Sometimes I talk to the moon
I once built a ladder to the moon
To deposit my heartbreak among the stars
I gathered the slivers, the shards and dust
Then piled it there on the moon to rust
Next to a flagpole that never was
Under the brilliance of a blazing sun

— The End —