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Jme Love Nov 2022

Its like an earthquake
Deep down in your soul.

It rumbles and shakes
You can feel it in your bones.

It leaves you in the dark as
It rips through the walls of your heart.

The ground opens beneath you as you start to fall apart.

There is no warning in the moments before.
It can happen anytime.

Leaving you in shock sometimes even paralyzed.

It only takes a couple of minutes to destroy everything you own,
But it takes a lifetime rebuilding everything you know.

You asked "what is it like to lose someone you love?"


Its like a bomb going off deep down in your soul...
Except its way worse
Gianna Nov 2020
In his arms I felt safe
There was nothing to be afraid of.
No monster could take him away,
He was the man that always saved me.

He danced with me as I, slowly, fell asleep in his arms,
And tucked me to bed at night.

Stories were created,
The ones I still remember.

On his shoulders I felt tall,
I felt I could fly, touch the sky,
And even though I'm afraid of heights,
I still tried to be brave.

In his heart I was still her little girl,
And it was hard for him to let me grow up.

When the time came, and it was time for me to let him go,
I whispered in the silent living room of my house, "You can let go, Dad. I'll always be proud of you"

With his physical absence,
I feel broken and lost.
There's nothing I wouldn't do to bring him back home.

So, when I'm crying,
I think of that little girl,
The one sitting on her dad's shoulders.

The one that never knew what death was.
The one that created memories without knowing that.

I think about him,
And I can see him smile.
No more pain,
Just peace and love.

In my heart, he's still around,
Still laughing and hugging me,
Teaching me how important life is.

We can be gone in a second,
But  even if covid took him away,
It  couldn't take something from him...


Love remains; it always does.

Miss you, daddy 🖤🥀
Sara Brummer Jun 2020
This quilt we shared
has become heavy with sadness,
damp with tears since your passing.

Rips and tears, unrepaired,
are now gaping holes
of stark loneliness, each one
a wouund, a near-death
of the soul.

This quilt, once a shelter
from world’s cruelty,
now bleeds grief
into every night.

Where is the magic needle,
To sew up the gaps ?
Where is the thread of kindness,
the stitches that heal the heart ?

I huddle and shiver beneath
this thin reminder of past joy,
a gift of love given, then
suddenly snatched away.
Arabella B Sep 2018
My parents left late at night
Driving to my mom's parent's house
I feared for the worse
That I would lose my poppy
Never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd lose you
There is so much I want to say
To do with you
You promised you'd teach me to drive
A promise I still hold to you
but now you are gone
I know you are proud of me
I will try to keep my head up high
I love you so much
I know you will forever be looking out for me
As you soar above the clouds
And goof around with the rest of the family
I love you dearly
and I know I didn't see you a lot
I know work was important
You will forever be my fun cool Uncle
And I will always share the stories of you I have
Rest in Peace Uncle Adam
Heaven has gained another angel
Pauline Morris May 2016
Under the soft white glare of the moon
I watched you saunter out of my door, my life to soon
The memories of you linger like your cologne
That helps mask the feeling of you being gone, me alone
I roam the house hearing your laughter
I miss our playful banter

If only you would have stayed with me that night
But only the moon seen that tragic sight
The black marks on the road is all that gives a testimony
The stars where the only witness to the ceremony
Of the Grim Reaper's touch
As your spirit he clutched
He escorted you away from the pain
Your car had skidded and flipped in the rain
My life will never again be the same

In you I had finally found
My bliss
I found my missing passion in you kiss
I found my joy for life in your arms
You chased away my demons with your charms
Your laughter repaired my broken heart
Your love making was a piece of art
Your comforting words in the middle of my despair
They where what I inhale
They where my air
Your heart was what made my blood circulate
How, oh how could this be our fate

Why did you have to go out that night
Why didn't I go with you, because this isn't right
I can't live without my missing parts
You had my heart
You where my soul
Why did you have to go

Why did you leave without me
Surly the fates could forsee
I would crumble, shatter, splinter into bits
For now all alone in our bed I sit

The tears all ran dry
I sit here and contemplate why
Feeling so **** numb inside
Wishing I too would just die
How sweet it would be to let out life's last sigh

I'll be just like that annoying magpie
I will stalk you, till you let my spirit fly
Grim Reaper let me clarify
I'm slitting my wrist and you know why

You know what that implies
My spirit you won't be able to deny
Let me kiss,my now empty life goodby
So I can once again be with my guy
In the plain beyond, in the sweet by-and-by

— The End —