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YYC Apr 2019
To have momentary ideas,
such as these;
one must either be bored to an extreme,
or lacks wisdom
and lives in naivety.

i have no clue.
sindy Jan 2019
It’s all in your mind (what I love about you)

I don’t care about your amazing abs or your cooking skills  (All I love is your mind)

The way you are hurt don’t even scar me I know there is nothing to fix and it does not matter (to me).

And when you lie i know it!
And you lie about everything!
The other, they all trust you on what you say
And all I see in those lies is your mind

Even if you would look different, I will still be attracted by you: it does not matter the way you dress or talk I read you mind (and that's what I love about you)

Can you say the same about the one around you ? This society that wants your fit, young and beautiful.

Beauty dies ! Mind never do.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
If friendship is now where we might be able to stand
Know I am sorrow, please take my hand

I didn't know how deep your loved flowed
A short love story is all I let be told

I kneel on your shore, a great part of me ripped out
It was my fualt, so I'll just bow my head and cry and pout

Please don't take your friendship too
Because then there'll be nothing left, I'll be hollow and blue

I'll never know the depths of pain I put you through
I never ment for my darkness to scar you up too

And I'm afraid to ask for friendship, because there seems to be something my soul lacks.
And the void has been filled in with the darkness and the black

Plaese remember and never doubt, I Love you!!!
Because even though you tried to rip it away
My love for you still stayed

If this is the last we are to communicate
At lest I'll stand here and shout from the gate

I LOVE YOU!!!!♥♥♥♥
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Sometimes, life's a film without the narrative

— The End —