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sindy Jun 2019
You are all after me
Telling me my life is perfect
As if i plant that in your brains
As if as soon as i feel down
I have all of you reminding me it's perfect
it's a dream

Really now i just feel alone
Right waiting for my familly to come home
How can i feel so alone next to the one i love
Afraid to be stuck
Back to a confort zone i don't feel confortable

I pannick
I need control over this emotion and very soon

Calm dow

You know it will all be alright
Remember to feel every moment

Actually I recovering from my bad side
I know it hurts
Not wondering why i feel what i feel
I am just fighting fall in love with you
sindy Jun 2019
I miss you kissing me,
Today I just realized how good you kissed
Today I feel like I don’t want just *** anymore
I need much more, your hugs, our conversations, your touch
*** is just a way for most people to get all the rest they need
I don’t want to play by the rule one more time
If I get *** will be because I really need it
If I just need hugs then I will get hugs no more no less
I am not a machine, I have feelings and I assume it
I don’t want just *** anymore
So keep your pants on
And your mouth shut if you want to ask for something I can’t offer
I miss you kissing me
sindy May 2019
It’s not their job to like me, it’s mine.

What a better place than Bali to fall in love?
More I know myself less ******* I tolerate

Many people believe they know
Most think they are lost forever
The most important would be not to judge, no to question so much

How could we still listen to those haters
When they are the one that are mainly lost

This voice in my head most of the time if **** up
But at least I always know where she is and who she is
sindy May 2019
I can see it from the way they look at me
Some questioning why I don’t walk the line
Most don't even care about the person that I might be
Is is not kinda crazy ?
Living in a world where everyone has something to say about everybody.
While not many really work on who they are?!
I never been afraid to be different but always to be the same than everyone,
Should we not worry more about loving ourselves rather than loving the idea of people loving us?
Self-love is not selfish is the way toward love
I know when the time will be right everything will fall into place and I am ready to work hard for it.
Until then let’s share love!
Mind, Body, Spirit
sindy May 2019
I am a bad dream living in your nightmares
sindy Apr 2019
I am in the restaurant
My friend just left the table
And here I feel all complete

I enjoy being with her
But her leaving remind me how much
I love to be by myself

I guess that’s what we call self love
I spent the all day stress
Now just being alone
Remind me that the smallest thing in life are the one I enjoy the most

Sharing a meal with myself
Watching people around
I never feel alone by myself
This is supposed to make me afraid
Afraid that I loose my social part but I don’t think I do

It’s noisy I am surrounded by people
It’s just me and my beer and I few complete
I guess that’s what we call self love
sindy Apr 2019
I ******* miss you
I ******* hate you

I should stop drinking
Every time I am drunk
It reminds me of our drunk night together

Do you remember how much we used to laugh? How much fun we were together?  No one could stop us, we were the soul of the party, the vibe of the night.

I hope she gives you everything I could not give you I hope she is there to laugh with you on your drunk nights.

I miss our drunk nights
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