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Chiquita Jan 2020
A new year
A new beginning
It starts with fire.
That's all you see.
I see my house burning
In front of my eyes
Ripping away piece by piece
Diminishing into the flames.
I see my friends getting hurt
Smoke suffocting them.
They don't know what to do
They can't run or hide.
I hear my family crying;
Our home is fading
We have no where to go.
For you it's just trees.
For me it's home.
It's my food.
It's my living.
Everything is taken away from me
Yet you cry for your loss.
My entire Species is going extinct.
One by one they burn
Along with their house
they vanish into the flames.
This is too painful for me.
I have nothing to cling onto
I have no family to call.
I'm just a homeless runt.
This is written from the koala point of view.
25 people died.
We lost 1 billion of animals.....
Henry Kenway May 2017
Up to him
I feel just like
a koala bear.
Eucalyptus tree
Is he, always
making me

— The End —