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Tughral Khan Aug 15
We're living in pain and it's such a pity,
But no one cares enough for my city,

Lords of doom keep ******* its belly,
We’re human, you demons, you’re bleeding my alley,

Save us from evil, we don't complain,
Please let our cries not go in vain,

Karachi is out dry from cuts of corruption,
Please save its people from utter disruption,

Please help us Allah, we aren’t bad in behavior,
Imran Khan is the one, please make him our savior.
This poem was written on 11th Aug 2019 when a rain spell hit Karachi just a day before Eid Ul Azha, killing multiple people due to bad governance, corruption & incompetence of Provincial Government. This poem prays to Allah (SWT) to send help through Imran Khan who's Pakistan's one true leader.
I want you. You want someone else.

Someone else wants someone else. Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else.Someone else wants someone else. Then someone else wants you. When someone step in your life. Till then someone else break your heart. And you get married to someone else. Someone else didn't care. Someone else had a life and move on. Someone else became alone. Someone else hate love. Someone else is no more.
Areesha Khuwaja Apr 2016
Dare to look ahead of the barbed wires
Make your way through the hurdle like containers
Snap out, you're used to these fires
Go ahead, mingle with those entertainers
You see
My city is a lot like me
Or you could say
I'm a lot like this city
They often come
Divided in groups - in troops
With guns and bombs to recoup
To take back what was never theirs
They call my body their own and
Don't take care of it - no
They fight it
Bomb it
Take its light away
Blight it
Despite it
They chop chop it away
And I'm rising from ashes
Molding into clay
The red sun flashes
And I resist your gunplay
You decorate me - my city with a veil
Call me impure with all my diversity
Claim your religion to be the one to heal
Are you for real?
Listen to me
The music I whistle all day
It was gifted to me
And I stand here to reclaim
To resist your hands
Trying to mold - the gold I am
To fit into your preferred version of history
You write lies on my face with your holy pen
This ain't no hidden mystery
This city will not just bow it's head in front of your gun's muzzle
It lives in its everyday hustle bustle
And if you ever start to think again there's no one to cover its wounds
Listen closely to the lullaby it croons
You see
Karachi will get up each time it's held down and pushed to the ground
Karachi will astound you with its strength to get back up yet again
You see
Karachi is not just my flesh and bones
Karachi is stronger than your sticks and stones - will ever be
Karachi runs in the blood in my capillaries
Karachi is not your territory
You see how my city is a lot like me
Or you could say
I'm a lot like this city.
noor Jul 2015
heart beating
chest rising
calming down
faces smiling

cheese fries; mouthful
unexplainably delightful
huge houses
glass doors

heavy downpour
pleading squeals
flashes and roars
smiles never wavering

wet hair
new clothes
intangible hair
exhausted smiles

wrinkled smiles
yummy food
life goals introduction
embarrassed smiles

beds on the floor and above
indecisive; where to snore
restlessness, insomnia
midnight choco cheesy smiles

morning plans
shopping malls
delicious sandwiches
cheesy smiles

old temples
now museums
cultural roots
**** smiles

phenomenal bookstore
bookworm smiles
unfathomable boredom
murdered by interaction

stair skipping
ill landings
pain building
brave smiles

uncontrollable laughter
choking on water
covered smiles
faces red; brighter

skyping friends
innocent smiles
immensely tired
chocolate smiles

single bed
unlimited stories
singing loudly
cherished smiles

"said you'd always be my white blood"
// because in the end, all we want to remember are the smiles //

it was the best vacation ever, thank you and i love you. forever and always.
Alizeh Oct 2014
lady of the river indus
they killed you in the evening
they killed you out of love
and the stains that they couldn't wash off of you
they put your head in the water
and let you struggle for breathe
they waited for it to reach your lungs
to fill your mouth
to wash off the words, and emotions
and demands you made,
from mother sindh,
lady of the river indus,
you shouldn't have done so,
you should have let it be,
for they killed you in the evening,
but they could not **** you in my dream.
and now I shake, and feel I'm drowning,
above are the heads of men, surrounding
telling me they want to wash me,
and remove the mud off me.

— The End —