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Apart from her eyes,
She adorned my heart with her smiles.
We both started dilly-dallying
until our eyes meet again,
She wants me to accept its her reign.
A few snobbish glance of hers,
Push me through the dilemma;
Whether to talk her or not.
And that urge inside me keeps on growing,
but I couldn't find a window
to let my thoughts flowing.
It seems like I had a lot of time and
She's in no hurry;
yet I failed to initiate a conversation.
I was completely chapfallen,
but the words never came out.
Regret the chances Don't take
A choice I had to make;
It maybe bold or maybe yellow,
It can be good or it can be bad,
Yet I have to choose
Between the outcomes of two,
Which tests my self righteousness.
But now I see the funny side,
Making a choice is more difficult than
living with the results yet
Everybody worries about the result.
Like dust,
You settled on me.
But I'm afraid the desires of
water will wash you away;
yet it amuses me how the thirst
of love leads me back to you again.
Gist of thoughts
Having her by my side
Was a major coup of mine.
But now she's not around,
with sins my hands were bound.
The weight of guilt is difficult to bear,
Yet lost in her memories while having beer;
The sour remembrance of better days
and the sweet essence of bitter fights,
There are sins to expiate but
redemption lies in remembrance.
Today I got her response,
It was "12 AM" on the clock.
There was no power in our block,
It was the  STUDY room where I had to skulk;
but the rain was pouring on the rocks.
Oh! I forgot to thank my poetic kludge.

I put my phone on charge and reply her back,
with an appropriate emoji that match,
and now we were exchanging words.
That flirty nature of mine;
Runs through the fingers when I had wine.
many nasty and hasty thoughts were rising;
and I had to made them extemporize,
so that it matches her vibe.

I asked her dose she have a twin?
and send her a picture to help my chances win.
soon she sees the picture she asked her name,
It's "SAZAN"  and welcome to my game.

The conversation with her was amazing and fecund,
and she worth every second.
We both are strangers but for a moment we exist together,
in a digital screen as if it's a white paper.
Yesterday I followed her on Instagram,
I guess watching her stories is no harm;
Oh, nothing matches hers charm,
and her thoughts were pretty much warm
"TEXT HER"- my heart raised an alarm.

HER about displays "#QUEENDOM",
Reading down I asked myself;
what's the need to her Royalty?
Maybe to evince your Loyalty.

She wears motley set of opinions,
Oh, one of her post says She hate onions.
Her reviews about movies and books shows her Morality,
so you can't shield yourself if you are guilty.

That snoozed alarm hits again;
I don't have words to go beyond her Reign,
The disarmed thoughts were on the run again,
So I thought to send her the above mentioned words
Which were not that much certain.
It's not a nightmare
But had a ghost within,
There are no such Succubus
But I'm unable to escape its grasp;
There's a penumbra to fear
and My beats were loud and clear.
I felt like I was choking to death,
OHH!!! My lackadaisical faith
but I can't wait
to see the aftermath
A comely face, in a solastu background
and now my beats were down
my kilig has no bounds
all the umbrage were gone,
My eyelid is on and there is none.
Yet, I've always wanted to see that face
chased many dreams but never wins those race.

— The End —