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C Shortovski Feb 7
I've worked with him for a few years now.

I said something the other day that made him laugh.
I can't even remember what I’d said
but he laughed so hard
his false teeth jumped out.

I laughed so much
I had tears running down my face.

I didn't even know he had false teeth.
C. Shortovski
I am a mixed drink
I have a splash and a dash from every bottle in the bar
A touch of every color in the spectrum
I am a rainbow.
Gay? Yes. But much more. Not a unicorn
I am a ******* dragon.
I’ll burn all the bridges so I can fly free.
I am a ley line.
A crisscrossing magnetic pull that circles the Earth.
There are so many things I love, so many places
The people I’ve known play a role and they know...
I am.

I’ve been a country, a detective, a werewolf, and more.
All with makeup and costumes and selfies galore.
I like parties and ice cream and
I’m sober I swear!
When I’m angry you’ll know and that’s most of the time, but I don’t bite… hard.
Sometimes I’m a bit of a meme, but I’ve never dabbed.
I know too many references,
“Sorry bout dat”
Don’t take me too seriously, but actually… do?
I’ll fight to the death, is that brave or just nuts?
As a child, I think I was a furry?
Um… forget about that.
I like rainy days and tea parties and god I hate hate.
Ironic and artsy and awkward...
I am.

Here’s a rundown: take notes and prepare for the test.
It’ll go by fast so just do your best.

I am a mixed drink, a rainbow, a dragon, a bull. A friend and a brother, a thrill and a bore. A fanboy, a poet, a gamer, and more. An actor, a joker, a lover of lore.
Wherever I go and whoever I meet, whatever I do when I land my feet.
At least I’ll know.
I am.
A Shel Silverstein inspired self portrait done the only way I know how. This was part of a final project for a class I've just finished.
Aria of Midnight Sep 2014
On a comfortable breezy evening,
my mum converses with her sister via Skype
exchanging quirky tales

They broach the subject of her lemon tree.

"It's the most peculiar case;
it was growing so divinely
until, suddenly, it stopped."

Silence. Then the punchline:

"Reminded me of your daughter."

They exchange hoots of laughter
Meanwhile, I sit in the corner
arms folded, eyebrows knitted
An actual true story. "How rude," I remembered thinking, but ended up smiling anyway. Family --I forgive them so easily. But still, it was a pretty heavy burn; I grew at an exceptional rate in fifth grade and then just... stopped.
In the aftermath
Of a very hot bath
Sylvia Plath
Used to re-read
Katherine Mansfield stories
Until she felt
A little bit snory.

Whilst Ted Hughes -
After he'd imbued
The cool waters of
A shower for an hour -
Would watch Jackanory
Till he felt Hunky Dory
Then listen to Aladdin Sane
To bring him back to
The real world again.

Watch That Man!

— The End —