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Ember Feb 2019
When I look in the mirror it goes far

Like how my hair isn’t long enough
My face is broken out
The bags under my eyes
I’m not the right height

Looking hard at the reflection thinking
Why does this boy find me attractive
He sees my blonde hair
And my wide grin that never falters
At least around him it doesn’t

He stares at me regardless
Whether in a dress or onesie
Ever so his eyes stay captive

His eyes on me as his lips brush my ear
“You look amazing Princess”
His voice send goosebumps
But yet that mirror haunts me

Why does he look?
First poem published I hope you enjoy :)
Keeana Calmes Oct 2015
He Said*
"White lies shine very bright
when it's pitch black outside
and you've smoked enough poison
to make your facade crack under
the weight of your depression."
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
The night was too quiet, she was being lulled by a certain rhythm. It wasn't of the sound made by the crickets nor the song that kept on being replayed on her list. It was nothing like that. It was a rhythm that kept her lying on her bed and blinking away tears and smiling at random times when she hears it as it travels into her ears with memories too sweet to forget.

She kept remembering the rhythm of his voice now getting blurry by long distance memory. It happened in quite a long time ago. It's becoming too faint to soon would become only an echo like there in a cave too dark to step into.

Oh, I miss him.

~~ Criss ∞
Nothing is like his voice. Especially when he says my name.

— The End —