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PS Dec 2019
Let's break the bonds, all of 'em,
Those first that are weak and bent.
Would I be elated or would I be miserable?
What about the heart that would be left irreparable?

All the diamond memories should be thrown away to move on,
From the cries to the share of ****.

I asked myself if they gave a ****,
Regretting the fact that I loved them more than my fam.
Love that they promised I cherished whenever,
But the loneliness is maybe what I'm getting forever.

The umbrella in my hand is what they gave me,
Though, it didn't help stop the running water from my eyes that I plea.
The question that still remained,
Was I going to give my life a new name?

The one where they broke my heart.
Sindi Kay Nov 2018
we don’t fit into each others shoes
but we walked down the path of many hues

different kind of blues

and we found we don’t need to fit inside
we just have to walk, side by side.

— The End —