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Raven Nov 2018
You ask me why
And i dont understand
 how you dont see
All the little things
That you do
Are what kills me
So I tell you
I doesn't matter
Raven Nov 2018
I was told once
That life was a book
And you were merely a chapter
But what they didn't understand
Was that I was slow finishing each chapter
In fear that you wouldn't be in the next
The start of falling in love with your best friend part 2.
Raven Nov 2018
The world was dark and then it was bright,
But not dark and sad, to beauty everywhere
like all of those stories say.
The world was always beautiful,
You just made it more so
Because I see little parts of you all over,
And I cant help but smile
The story of falling in love with your best friend

— The End —