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Raven Jan 2020
I'm a broken soul
Trying to breath
Through the smoke
Of a buring world
Raven Apr 2019
Theres something I need to say
A truth I must share
I believe this true for many of us here

This isnt me
This isn't all I am
I am not only heart break and despair

The me you don't see
Is that of smiles everyday
For when im happy I exist elsewhere

When I am drunk on life
And my heart is a fluter
I am out there living for myself
Not dying in here with you
Raven Apr 2019
Sometime I take a breath
And it's only then I realize
how truly long it has been
since I took my last breath
Anyone else ever forget to breath for a day, or week or even a few years?
Raven Apr 2019
Who knew there was truth to all these fairytale
Who knew they weren't all lies

I spent a lifetime hiding from their happy ending
Believing mine would never come

But like every untold fairytales
We just didnt follow the plan
Raven Apr 2019
A heart turned into a warrior
Is so easily defeated
When it runes out of reasons
To fight
Raven Nov 2018
I use to dream of
My soul finally free
But now I see
That that will
Always only
Be a dream
Raven Nov 2018
I want to cry
One last tear
One last piece
Of evidence
Of my dying heart
That once beat strong
Full of life and dreams
But that was then
And this is now
And now there
is only pain left
Not really sure why
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