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Zehra Jun 2020
Alone in my room
under a UV light
thinking of where it all went wrong
clothes strewn across my bedroom floor
dried up tear lines across my face
clutching your torn shirt, numb from pain
trying to remember how you smelled
Baby i think i miss you still.
#firstpoem     #newbie
K C Sikat Nov 2019
Red waves flow at the rocky shore,
crimson ate at the rapidly dying sand,
engulfing it slowly with what the river had bore,
supplying it with life straight to its core.

Don’t take a dip at the boiling pool,
be craven from touching for it’ll demand
to engulf you into a river of heat for its fuel,
for the hungry glow follows no man’s rule.

And be not convinced by its beguiling beam
since obeisance is what it does not understand
and by Pallas it does scheme,
before it has your final breath be screams.

A flood of blazes crackled through the town
crashing at the quaint and old into the land,
hastening bitter and searing waves falling down
an event so grand and so renowned.

But as a tide grows ever so high,
closing into the Seraphim at God’s right hand;
near midday, it gently ceases until it dies,
and the last red drop that treads does dry.
First Poem posted :)
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I perish or I thrive.

It is something I should decide.

But why are you the one deciding my fate?

My life: Its been folded, twisted

and coiled in circles and circles since I met you.

Its no longer under my control.

You are the one on the driver's seat.

You drive me through heaven

and sometimes, hell too.

You make me shine one day,

and another day

You pour rain and zap thunder clouds over my head.

One day,

its a paradise

and another day,

its all pain and sufferings.

Yet, I feel so drawn towards you.

I can not swerve away from you.

I pace up sometimes; its true

but only to move ahead and wait for you again.

And then,

The cycle repeats.

Once again,

I move in circles and circles around you.

It feels like eternities have passed, but

I don't feel like resting and catching a breath.

I want this cycle to continue forever.

If not forever, then a little longer.

Some more loops around you, and

Who knows?

I may be contented with YOU.
Addy Feb 2015
It was a sensation like no other
Wide eyes and a beating heart
I felt complete, faultless
Although I was cold
This feeling kept me warm

Sister took a nail full
Of the white rough powder
And laid it upon a book
The familiar bitter taste
Infused my mouth
As I licked the pulverulent

I was full of conversation
But there wasn't much talking
For the voices in my head
Were very loud
As they were reminding me of reality

I tried to push it away
The feeling that was anticipated
But it was strong
And my content feeling
Slowly began to fade away

My stomach dropped
As my mouth ran dry
Lips chapped and hands shaking
Reality had caught me

I pulled on my hair
And covered my face
"Everyone *****, I want to die"
The only words I could speak
As I scratched at my arms

I growled and kicked
Like a cat in a brawl
Irritation filled my body
Anxiety engulfed my mind
A world of agony

I spoke aloud
But to myself
About hate and hostility
Concerned and panicked
When would this hell end?

Sister offered me more  
So this misery could stop
But only to began again
When I would remember reality
When I would remember this suffering

I told her I couldn't
This unpleasant feeling was torment
I needed desistance
But that was impossible
This discomfort took time
For it seemed everlasting

At the peak of irritation
I just couldn't take it
In need of something to abolish
This feeling of affliction
Only one thing could help

It's pure white consistency
Glimmered in the light
I reached for the straw
As sister laid the powder
Atop a book

It really carries it's name well
For this heroine saved me
From the long excruciating trip
That laid before me

I praise this beautiful drug
And all of its glory
It has cured my suffering
For I feel indebted to it

Although me and heroine
May only stay friends
Considering anything more
Would keep me stuck at her side

— The End —